5 Useful Things That Can Fill Your New Year

The moment of the new year is usually awaited by billions of people in various parts of the world. Especially on New Year’s Eve. Fireworks parties, a trumpet sound, and various types of parties are ready to welcome new year.

But, if in this happy new year we just do something useless like partying, or even getting drunk, how much time will we waste on things like that? It’s better to use the New Year’s Eve celebration for this useful thing. Come on, check it out

1. Spend Quality Time With Family

For those of you who have been abroad for a long time and have just returned to their village, there is nothing wrong to spend quality time with family

It has become a habit for overseas children to not return home for months. Miss, yes for sure. Coming home can be used as your quality time to let go of nostalgia. 

Not only gathering and joking with family, try to help mothers do household chores. For example, cooking and washing dishes in the kitchen. Happy mother, get the reward again!

2. Try Creating A Discussion Forum With Your Friends

Suitable for those who are lonely, here. Instead of being confused and unclear, try to fill your new year with discussions. 

So don’t just get together and chat that doesn’t have any weight. By discussing, once rowing two or three islands were exceeded. That is, hangouts are done, the brain is met with the nutritional intake of science. Isn’t it?

3. Trading On New Year’s Eve The Right Moment For You

This is a golden opportunity for you to peddle your flagship merchandise. But remember, adjust to the needs and interests of the community in the new year. Good luck trying, yes!

Whatever our activities in the coming happy new year is not a problem, as long as it is useful for us and the people around us. Happy New Year!

4. Why Not Just Stop By The Mosque And Listen To The recitation?

Usually, at certain moments the mosque youth hold recitations such as New Year’s Eve. The intake of religiosity also needs to be maintained. Recitation is a suitable way for you to introspect yourself during the past year.

5. Try Compiling A To-Do List For The Next Year

Feel that the past year you have passed does not feel special? Try making a To Do List for the next year. Since this is a fairly short term, think about things you can do without planning too long.