Are you fed up with your current job and find yourself day-dreaming if the grass may really be greener somewhere else?

Research shows that one of the main reasons why a professional may be pushed to find a new job is because they feel a lack of respect from their boss.

There is a quote by Oprah Winfrey that I always go back to when job seekers and professionals come to me and my team to vent about this situation.

“You teach people how to treat you.” — Oprah Winfrey

Like it or not, this quote is absolutely true. If you think your manager doesn’t respect you, it’s because you allowed this to happen.

You may be thinking, ‘J.T. I would never allow someone to disrespect me!’ This may be true, but you still did, subconsciously.

From the very first interaction with your boss to now, you set a tone for how you’re perceived in your current role. Before you panic, there is good news. You can absolutely change this and gain your boss’s respect. In order to do so, however, you need to know the give signs your manager doesn’t respect you.

  1. You have no set expectations from them. It seems like every day they are changing their mind on what they want you to work on.
  2. They are a helicopter boss. Every task you complete they need to look over and review.
  3. The meeting you had scheduled for a week? Canceled and rescheduled, AGAIN. A boss that doesn’t respect you may constantly be canceling and rescheduling your existing engagements.
  4. It’s like a marathon to meet with them. If you are having to chase down your employer for answers or approval, this may be a big indicator of their lack of respect.
  5. They dismiss your questions and concerns.

I could go on, and on about this but I don’t need to. If you said ‘yes’ to more than two of the above then it’s likely that your boss doesn’t see you as a trusted resource.

But What Can I Do To Earn Their Respect?

Want to increase the level of respect your boss holds for you? Then you need to learn to speak their language. What does your manager value most in your working relationship? If they can’t effectively communicate with you, why should they trust you? If there is a lack of respect that means at some point your communication approach failed.

My Work It Daily team and I created a term for your workplace communication style. It’s called your Interaction style and it helps professionals like yourself understand:

  • What your preferred method for communicating is.
  • What your preferred method for communicating is.

Learn How To Communicate With Your Employer

In every single case I’ve seen where an employee feels disrespected by their employer or manager it’s because there is a disconnect in their opposing Interaction Styles. If you want to succeed in your current position, you need to learn how to interact with your boss in the manner they prefer.

There are four different types of Interaction Styles: Commander, Contemplator, Empathizer, and Energizer.

Each one of these styles is a unique combination of communication traits. It is not uncommon for me to see an intense Commander boss have zero respect for a jovial Empathizer employee. The first is focused on the facts, while the second is focused on the feelings. As a result, each time they interact, there is tension due to their inability to value and appreciate each other’s way of communicating. I’ve also seen plenty of outgoing Energizer managers who get frustrated with a reserved Contemplator employee. Again, each time they interact, the tension rises because their Interaction Styles aren’t in sync.

While you should NEVER change who you are; you need to learn and understand your Interaction Style. Once you know this, you can revise your approach with your boss to make your style more in sync with theirs. If you do this you will see results.

What If I Try This And My Employer Still Doesn’t Respect Me?

My first suggestion is to understand your Interaction Style and how it might come across to your boss and other professionals. However, if you’ve tried everything you could to work amicably together and you still aren’t seeing improvements, then it might be time to start looking for a new position. Don’t know where to start? Make sure to check out my free online tutorial outlining the #1 Job Search Killer Of 2020.

Remember, your first move should NOT be to look for a new job, but rather see if you can find a way to successfully work alongside your boss regardless of your different Interaction Styles – you might surprise yourself!

Don’t let a lack of respect from your boss hold you back from achieving your goals. Learn how to interact better so you can get what you need to succeed!

How Will You Use Your Interaction Style In The Workplace?

I want to know what YOUR Interaction Style is and how you will use it to succeed professionally! Take the quiz and then let me know what your results are in the comments below.

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