Good listening is one of simplest and most powerful ways to connect with others. After all, being heard is a fundamental human need. Amare organizations – those rooted in the uplifting power of love – cherish good listening as a critical management skill, invest in strengthening listening skills, and make active listening part of their culture.  

These companies that value listening stay curious and avoid premature judgement. They are learning organizations that recognize the power of listening. And they ask lots of questions, wondering out loud, rather than make assumptions. For them listening is an act of caring that uplifts and connects everyone engaged. 

How much do you value listening and center it inside your organization? Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are you a good listener?
  • Does your organization value and reward listening?
  • Does your leadership team model good listening behaviors?

5 Amare Ways for Leaders to Become Better Listeners

1. Assess your talk/listen ratio. First track how much you listen vs. talk, and under what conditions. Then ask others to weigh in on your ratio – and make it safe for them to be honest with you. This is your baseline.

2. Learn one active listening skill each week. This means building skills to be fully present when you are listening, to stay curious and avoid judgement, and to ask questions that foster deeper understanding. Check out these seven listening games.

3. Practice not interrupting three times a day. Just listen. Notice when you feel like blurting something out, and breathe your way through it. Come back to being curious. Be patient with yourself and reward small progress – this is hard! 

4. Optimize your talk/listen ratio. You have two ears and one mouth. As a leader, aim to match those anatomical proportions by listening twice as much as you talk. Tell your team you’re doing this and ask for periodic feedback.

5. Get role models. Identify who in your life is an excellent listener. Notice what they do and don’t do, and mostly how you feel when you’re with them being heard.

Today’s Amare Wave Wednesday Quote

“When you talk, you are only repeating what you already know. But if you listen, you may learn something new.”

 ―The Dalai Lama


What one listening tactic will you employ this week to become a better listener? Let me know in the comments below. 

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