Most countries are on a lockdown to control the spread of the corona virus. The lockdown has forced many businesses to ask their staff to work from home. However, this change in the workspace may affect employee productivity

The virus has brought fear. Workers are afraid of losing their jobs. In addition, it is not easy to balance family responsibilities and work.

However, working from home can be as productive as working in the office if well managed. Managers will need to take charge and find ways to ensure the business continues. The following tips may help:

Equip your team

Lack of all the necessary tools reduces employ productivity. Ensure your team has all the necessary tools for work.

Ensure every employee has a computer and good internet connectivity. This will help to create a remote connection. Also, allow the employees to take home what they might need from the office—for instance, files and other material.

You can also use applications that allow people to have face contact. Some options include Skype and Zoom. Face to face, contact enhances teamwork and thus better productivity.

Constant communication

Communicating often is an important part of stuff’s productivity. Let each department have a communication channel. You can request daily updates from different departments.

In addition, have a second means of communication that allows a casual interaction style.

Some of the options are Skype or WhatsApp groups. Casual conversation helps to release anxiety. Also, have a means of communication that allows file sharing between the members of staff.

Due to the predicted economic hardships, the employees want to have communication from their employee. As their superior, share your honest thoughts and intentions. Allow the employees to ask questions too.

In addition to internal communication, design a plan on how to communicate with your clients.

Do not micromanage

Some people find it difficult to work from home. This is because of distractions such as kids or television. It is, therefore, essential for you as a manager to supervise the employees.

Employee supervision is important.

However, do not micromanage or babysit your employees. Micromanaging may lead to reduced employee productivity.

Let the employees operate independently with minimal supervision.

Your role as a manager is to define the duties, set targets and deadlines. Set the targets early enough. Once you have done that, trust your team to deliver.

Encourage self-care

The coronavirus pandemic has caused stress and anxiety to many people. This is a threat to employee productivity. Encourage your employees to take care of their physical, mental, and emotional health.

According to research, work-from-home employees are easily stressed than those who work from the office. Some of the causes of stress include lack of communication with the employer and wrong interpretation of their emails.

Also, their family problems may affect their job.

To enhance employee productivity, encourage employees who work from home to switch off whenever anxiety starts setting in.

Urge them to socialize and engage in activities that help release anxiety like working out or socializing.

Motivate your employees

The increasing number of infections and deaths due to the Corona Virus has increased fear and anxiety in most people. Fear has negative effects on working morale. Come up with effective ways to motivate your staff.

Start by appreciating the employee’s. An employee is happy when his or her work is recognized.  Motivation plays a big role in improving employee productivity.

Try online team-building techniques. Some of the options include having online dance parties. You can also watch a movie together through a Netflix watch party.

Bottom Line

Working from home can be as productive as working in the office. You, however, ensure your employees have the necessary tools. Also, set the targets early enough, and trust your team to deliver without trying to babysit them.

In addition, show concern during this period. Encourage everyone to take care of their mental and physical well-being. Do not forget to appreciate team efforts often and reward where necessary.

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