In reality, many business owners struggle to keep a work-life balance. According to, entrepreneurs are 30% more likely to experience depression than other careers. When a person manages or runs a business, there are no fixed working hours, and the line between personal and work life can get blurry. Not only will this lead to mental and physical stress, but this can also damage the family and personal relationships of entrepreneurs.

While there’s nothing wrong with dedicating your life to your business’s success, it’s also essential to establish your own best practices to balance life and work. Here are five best practices you can incorporate in your life as you work towards achieving the perfect work-life balance for you:

1.    Establish Boundaries

The first step of achieving a work-life balance is to define your boundaries. As someone whose time is consumed with calls, cold emailing, and finding new clients, work and personal life can easily get mixed up. One way to avoid this is to set clear boundaries as to where work stops and personal life happens, or vice versa. If you receive an email at 10 p.m., it won’t hurt to wait until morning to respond to that.

It’s also important to reserve a time every day for yourself and your family. As much as possible, set a time in the evening where work stops and rest starts. It’s vital to give your brain and body a bit of a break from your business’s daily hustle. This will also help you recharge and function in the following working day.

2.    Delegate Tasks

As a business owner, remember that you also have to work on your company’s growth strategies. When you tackle every mundane task in your company, it will eat up much of your workday. As a result, you won’t have the time to spend on planning for growth. If your budget allows it, hire a few people to help you handle other aspects of the business – one you’re good at and that nobody else can do. When you let go of some tasks and have someone manage it, you free up much of your time. By then, you’ll have extra hours to spare to think and plan your business’ growth strategies.

3.    Be Organized

Being organized can produce a simple yet powerful advantage for business owners. It lets them free up so much of their time and effort. With that, they will have more time to spend with their families, take vacations, and relax. This helps avoid a lot of loss in the company and, most importantly, burnout.

There are many ways you can start getting organized. One is to schedule your time. Map out your schedule for the week or month. With a schedule planned out, you’ll also have less time to procrastinate and maintain productivity while maintaining a healthy balance between personal life and work. Prioritize tasks according to the urgency and your involvement in the task. Always look at the opportunities that you think will contribute to your company’s success in the long run. Activities outside of that are just distractions, and you may as well avoid it and save time.

4.    Let Go of the Things You Can’t Control

As an entrepreneur, you also have to accept the fact that there are some things that you cannot control. You’ll find many entrepreneurs always dealing with stresses regarding a decline in sales or cash flow in the business. If you want to achieve a healthy work-life balance, you have to learn to let go of the things you have no control over. Otherwise, the stress will end up taking over much of your time. If you fail to achieve a goal within the expected time-frame, let it go and take it as a lesson to do better.

5.    Prioritize Health Over Anything Else

Above everything else, your health should always come first. As the head of an organization, you have to ensure that your body is in its optimum condition. Eat healthily, squeeze in a few minutes of exercise, take breaks, and get enough downtime. Design your business to have time to get away from it if you need to take a break. These simple lifestyle changes can create a significant difference in your approach to finding a balance between personal life and work.

Keep These Best Practices to Find the Perfect Balance

Making sure that your business stays afloat and competitive is essential. But it’s also worth considering that one of the things that will contribute to your success is finding a balance between personal life and work. Sure, accomplishing business goals can come easy when you dedicate most of your time (and life) in business matters. But it could come at the expense of your personal life.

With that, it’s crucial to find the right balance between life and work. It’s worth noting that every person may have different approaches or best practices to achieve a perfect balance. Nevertheless, establishing a healthy distinction between your business and personal life can make a difference in how well you’ll be able to manage your business and bring it to success.