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I can’t quite believe we’re just two weeks and two days from the start of Q3! How have 6 whole months of 2021 gone so quickly? After the unprecedented disruption and fear which defined 2020, so many of us hoped and prayed that 2021 would see the return of ‘normal’ life. The year hasn’t quite played out like that yet, and many people have been left waiting and wondering what will happen next. On one hand our vaccination programme here in the UK is one of the most successful in the world, and on the other holidays are still being disrupted and new variants of Covid-19 are popping up all the time. It’s hard to go from hope to uncertainty and then worry!

If that uncertainty has left you feeling a little lost at sea, how can you regain your mojo and fill your life with positivity and purpose? Whatever your goals and dreams are, to stay motivated and positive you need to connect to the ‘why’ you’re doing something in the first place. If you think you could use a motivation boost ready to step into the second half of the year in style, here are 5 of my go-to motivation tips to try as we race through June

  1. Get yourself into a state of gratitude. You can’t feel two opposing thoughts so by focusing on what you feel grateful for rather than the challenges you face, you’ll raise your energy. A positive and grateful frame of mind is a MUCH better place to start from if you want to feel motivated than a place of negativity or resentment. If you’ve been feeling overwhelmed with work, a little sprinkling of gratitude will have you thanking the universe for the abundance of work in no time! 
  2. Connect to your goals with a vision board. Do you have a vision board? If you don’t have one then I highly recommend you do some research and create on! If you do have a vision board, this is the time to use it. It should inspire you and help you get totally obsessed with smashing your goals. If you don’t have one, then get started on yours today. It should be filled with images of the rewards you will have when you smash your goals, so perhaps an abundance of money, time with friends and family, a newer car, or a holiday. Use your vision board to truly visualise what it will feel like when you have smashed a goal and have that reward. If you don’t connect to your goals, it’s very hard to stop yourself just plodding through tasks without care or consideration for the bigger picture.
  3. Learn to recognise tiredness and procrastination and be honest with yourself. Sometimes a lack of motivation really is caused by the early stages of burnout, when you’ve been so busy keeping your head above water that you are exhausted. At other times your lack of motivation is caused by a failure to connect with goals or the absence of inspiration. Learn to listen to your body and then be totally honest with yourself. Do you need an afternoon out of the office, or do you need to put your phone away and focus on your ‘why’? 
  4. Use any motivational tools you can get your hands on – your favourite song, motivational videos on YouTube, even a look at an Instagram account which truly inspires you. Whatever it takes to help you focus and remember why you want to put the hours in in the first place. 
  5. Have an accountability partner to help you stay on track even when you come across challenges. This can be a business partner or bestie, or perhaps even a coach, whoever you know will be there in times of need. This is SO powerful and so often their support will help you get right back on the horse if you’re having a tough day. 

I really hope these tips will help you find the motivation you need to smash your goals and achieve everything you dream of. Whether you use them for your work or business, a side hustle, a health goal or just to stay positive during the pandemic, I know they work for me. If you would more mindset, productivity and business growth tips, why not= follow me on Instagram or listen to my podcast Tara Talks for more nuggets of wisdom!