Diwali Celebration

Diwali is known as the festival of lights. Diwali has always been a festival with crackers and diyas. Unfortunately,the festival of lights has become the most concerning festival of the year.. Shedding darkness due to lack of adequate knowledge or ignorance is ironic to the meaning of diwali celebrations. 

However, eco-friendly diwali has eradicated these negations and is an approach that assists in enlightening diwali. It is high time that people start considering the predicament and initiate eco-friendly solutions for a healthy environment. It is the responsibility of the generation to keep up with the eco friendly diwali and uphold a safe and secure environment. It is the contribution towards society by implementing ways to celebrate eco-friendly diwali.

The changing environment is a matter of concern for the entire globe. Which is why it is the responsibility of the population to take care of the environment.

Let’s take a tour on five such ways to celebrate eco friendly diwali celebration ideas in office :

1. Gift plants

Diwali is all about sweets and gifts. This diwali say goodbye to old stale sonpapdi boxes and gift plants instead. Plats are very essential for a healthy living. Plants help in generating oxygen and even work as beautiful decorating pieces. Gifting plants emparts wisdom and even a positive vibe within the environment. 

2. Eco friendly idols and decorations

Diwali celebrations  are all about decorations. Colors, rangoli and lights are what diwali is all about. Usually people tend to use colors to make diwali. However, it is evident that people use atta, haldi and organic colors for decorations. Even for the idols, people usually bring the idol of goddess lakshmi home. The most evident way for eco friendly diwali is to bring or curve eco friendly idols such as idols that can later on used as plants. There is evidence that people have even carved idols of chocolate or sweets that can be immersed in milk and utilised later. 

3. “Say no to crackers”

There have been loud and huge campings to stop using crackers. Celebrities, activists and even well known people all over India have been requesting people to stop using crackers. Crackers adversely affects the environment 

Cracker has been banned in many cities in India. As an alternative people have started to make eco-friendly crackers that decrease the  amount of harmful gasses produced. Eco friendly crackers are made of recycled paper. Hence, this makes the crackers health and environment friendly. 

However, it can be way more beneficial to avoid crackers. The sound of crackers even harms the animals as well. So try avoiding crackers but if not then use recycled and eco friendly crackers. 

4. Go organic this diwali

As gifting is a tradition, try gifting organic products to close friends and family. Go organic this diwali with gifts such as essential oils, eco friendly diyas, organic sweets and even kits. There are industries who make gift kits and many organic products that can be gifted this diwali. Even the organization opt for organic kits to give to the employees. 

5. Organize eco friendly diwali events

Diwali people tend to organize various events all over the globe. It can be an easy way to organize eco-friendly events. People can opt for games such as charades, and other indoor games in various events. This promotes eco-friendly events with a healthy environment. Organize initiatives such as rangoli competitions, meet and greet events with senior citizens and kids. Initiate and try engaging people in eco friendly events to educate people about the adverse effects of crackers. 

These are five ways to celebrate eco-friendly diwali. Even in offices, the employers provide the employees with gifts and even distribute diwali presents. Even in offices, employees can celebrate in various ways and initiate games that can engage in a healthy environment. With time the environment has faced many challenges. For instance, the smog after diwali in various cities  is one such example. However, there are various ways which can help in celebrating eco-friendly events. This can be  an initiative to educate the employees. Let’s aim to make this diwali a healthy and friendly one. With eco-friendly gifts and crackers make this diwali worth remembering.