As we get older, our cognitive abilities start to decline. It becomes essential to stay active and keep ourselves mentally fit.

It’s common knowledge that you need to exercise to keep your body healthy. Likewise, it’s necessary to exercise your mind to keep it sharp.

The key is to challenge yourself mentally to boost your memory and build more gray matter over time. When you present your mind with a challenging activity, you light up more pathways in your brain. You create new neural connections that help keep your mind youthful.

There are many activities that can stimulate your brain and help it grow. Let’s look at some ways you can challenge your mind every day so that it remains vital and alert.

Learn A New Language

As an adult, learning a new language is one of the most challenging things you can do. You’re likely to feel frustration and discomfort as you build your vocabulary and learn new grammar, 

It will take a long time to see any progress or improvements. However, whether you become fluent at a new language or not, your mind will see cognitive benefits.

Learning a new language engages many parts of your brain. It creates connections between these areas and leads to higher mental functioning. Research suggests that learning a new language can delay the onset of dementia and Alzheimers.

When it comes to keeping mentally fit, focus on learning every day even if you find it slow. Being able to speak in another language is rewarding on its own, but the benefits it brings your mind are more important.

Play Brain Games

Mental exercise in the form of games can keep our brains young and fit. Try to play brain games to activate your neural circuits and boost your mental acuity.

Focus on crossword puzzles and logical thinking games to boost the left side of your brain that controls language and reasoning. You can work on jigsaw puzzles, mazes, and other visual games that will tease your right brain, which is in charge of visual skills. 

Brain games can sharpen your reaction time, improve short-term memory and enhance your mind’s processing speed. 

Try to play brain games every day to stay mentally fit and active. You can make it a habit by doing it with some other daily routine. Work on a reasoning skill challenge on your commute, or do a crossword puzzle when you have your morning coffee.

Join an Online Course

Today, it’s possible to learn almost anything you want online. There are many platforms offering free and premium online courses to help you develop skills.  Learning a new skill or subject can challenge you and boost your mental fitness.

It’s a simple way to keep your mind active since you can access an online course on any device. You can pick up something that builds on what you know or try something entirely new.

Doing an online course can not only expand your mind, but it can also give you the skills to switch careers or start a new business.

There are many subjects that can challenge you and give you marketable skills. Try coding, learning excel, or building a website. You can also study history, music, creative writing and much more to help you develop new skills.


Writing is an activity that can make you more creative. Whether you write by hand or type on a keyboard, the act of writing stimulates your brain. It engages different parts of the brain and boosts your cognitive functioning.

Make it a habit to write every day. You can begin by writing in your journal daily. There are other outlets as well, such as starting a blog, writing poems, or taking an online writing course.

Writing is a simple but effective way that engages your vision, hand, and mind to create stories and content. Use it to enhance your creativity, improve memory, and stay sharp.


Studies have found that meditation increases gray matter in the brain. It’s a powerful way to lower stress and anxiety.

If you’re someone with a short attention span, then learning to meditate can be quite challenging.

It takes time and practice to be able to sit still and watch one’s thoughts over a long period of time. It’s a powerful way to grow and manage your feelings. Learn to meditate and you’ll retain your cognitive abilities over time.

Challenge Yourself to Stay Young and Sharp

It can be uncomfortable to challenge yourself mentally. But it’s the discomfort and new information that keeps you from becoming forgetful and dull as you grow older.

Use these tips to stay mentally active, but also ensure that you have a healthy lifestyle by eating good food and exercising.

Staying fit and strong in mind and body will enable you to live a fulfilling and happier life.