sketch of a woman crying

We can not go through life without grief. Loved ones will die, and we can not change that fact. We wish we could, of course, but sadly we can not. People we love will leave us, and we will be left behind to deal with the aftermath of grief and pain.

Grief is a fact of life, and we will have to deal with it at some point in our lives. We will deal with it many times in our life. But, time does heal our wounds. Time is a good healer. Amid a worldwide pandemic with millions who have died, this list can not come at a better time. Here are five ways we can use to cope when somebody we love dies.

1) Join in Rituals
Funerals, memorial services, and many other traditions will help people get through the beginning first days of loss and honor the person who died. Being in the presence of other people is healing in itself, and many find that comforting. Lean on other loved ones as you go through the first days of grief. Do not go about it alone if you can. And join in on the rituals that help you heal and give honor and respect to the person who has died.

2) Do Not Hold In Your Emotions
If you need to cry, allow yourself to do so. Please do not hold it in, as this can cause more turmoil inside yourself. If you feel tears coming on, let them come. Don’t worry about listening to a particular song or seeing something that reminds you of that person. Yes, it will bring back memories of your loved one but memories are a good thing. They help us grow and heal. It is natural to have tears or to cry after you lose someone dear to you. Let the tears come.

3) Talk About the Loved One
This may seem like a weird thing to do since it will surely bring tears and sadness. But some find it helpful to think of the person or tell stories of the persona, which brings a smile and healing. But if you do not feel like talking, that is ok too. Don’t pressure yourself or be pressured by somebody else to speak if it brings you too much pain. It’s ok to remain silent and to just rest on the fact that you do have memories, and you will think about them when you feel ready.

4) Preserve Precious Memories
Allow yourself to create a memorial of the loved one who has died. Pay tribute to that person by planting a tree or garden, take part in a charity event or marathon. You can create a memory box with special reminders of the person. You can place in photos, quotes of inspiration, or little mementos from the person. You can also write a letter to the person and include your thoughts and feelings and how they brought joy and happiness to your life.

5) Join a Support Group
You may be interested in meeting with others who have also lost loved ones. There are all different kinds of support groups. Many are called grief Groups. They can be part of a school, a community center, or a church. Ask around and look up things online, and you will be sure to find something. But some do not like to talk in front of others, and that is ok too. Do whatever it is that makes you feel better and helps you through your sadness and grief.