People seeks a perfect sleep after being exhausted and tired of whole day work pressure. Sleep is considered as the best medicine to get rid of mental fatigue and physical discomfort. Your health may suffer for not having quality sleep.

There are several obstructions that effect on your sleep like snoring and sleep disorder. Snoring is a common sleeping problem. While sleeping people snore often and it happens when tissues in throat vibrate due to turbulent airflow. It creates noisy whistling sound while breathing during sleep.

Nowadays, snoring, a common problem among all ages and for both male and female. If you snore occasionally then it’s not just a serious concern but it also creates a lot of nuisance for your bed partner. Frequent snoring disrupts daily functioning and arise sleep disorder. It can be difficult to cope with a snoring husband and thanks to CPAP mask which works like a complete rescue for wives who have to deal with a snoring husband.

Why snoring is a problem?

According to research, at least 7 – 8 hours sleep is important to a body. There are many conditions which disturb normal sleep. Disturbance in normal sleeping condition is a sleep disorder; some major sleeping disorders are Insomnia, Sleep apnea, Restless leg syndrome, etc. and affects health and lifestyle. Various diseases related to heart, lungs, mental or nervous disorder occurs due to sleeping problems.

Factors responsible for Sleep Disorders –

There are factors that generate many disturbances in sleep:5 Ways to Cope With Snoring Husband

(i) Growing age is the prominent factor for less sleep. An aged person spends less time in sleep, is also easily awakened.

(ii) Excessive Use of caffeine and alcohol obstruct sleeping.

(iii) Irregular routine. People work late at night and wake up late in the morning.

(iv) Sleep apnea is also a major sleep disorder issue, can be cured by using a CPAP mask. vist-


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