Sometimes you may feel like you need to stop for a moment and take control and feel like yourself again. The only thing you may have in control is your surroundings at home and myself. Here is what I did to take back my power.

1. Meditate

I started last year so this wasn’t a new thing for me. However, I ensured I kept this up. I follow 10 minute YouTube videos and sit up or lie flat on my bed. I do this before I watch any media or look at the messages on my phone. To breathe slowly and not think for the first few moments of the day helps me and sets my day. There are many free meditation audios and a lot of them are guided. The guided meditations are great for someone new, they tell you when to breathe deeply and what to focus on. Find something that works for you.

2. Walk

Overtime I have become more of an indoors person. However, working, eating, sleeping and socialising in the place was having its toll. I decided to go out few times a week so long walks to get some fresh air. I managed to discover parts of my local area which I never knew. It’s great for clearing your head and getting another perspective

3. Exercise

Whilst walking does help with the exercise, I am used to going to my local gym few times a week. I used to go the exercises classes such as spin and aerobics, however since my gym has been closed I needed to find a way to burn that energy. I have experimented with various types of exercise to make it interesting. There are plenty of free ways to exercise and you can find something which works for you. On YouTube there are millions of free exercise videos and at different abilities. You can learn anything from yoga to high intensity exercises, it’s your choice. Another way of exercising is jogging or running, there are free apps for couch to 5k which takes you from basics to long distance running overtime

4. Buy fresh flowers

Something which has made working area and my home more colourful is buying a bunch of flowers. I purchase them once or twice a month and split them in multiple vases and place them around the home. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on them, it can be purchased from your local supermarket or petrol station.

5. Write

It can be hard to express what you are feeling at the moment, it’s something no one has gone through before. We are going through our own journey and it can be hard to speak about your feelings. You don’t need to write your feelings, you can write anything you want. I have written for myself from poems, to fiction books or even articles! If writing isn’t for you, draw or doodle! Anything to express your creativity and channel your emotions into something positive.