Find Peace

Peace, it is one of the scariest feelings found on earth. We find happy, sad, hungry, and angry people, but peaceful people are seldom found. It’s a very hard-earned treasure, sweet nectar from heaven that only a few people are lucky enough to taste.

Though you might think that to find peace, you will have to go and live in the mountains secluded from the whole world or meditate for years in a stretch, but it’s not that difficult. All you need is a desire, and it will come and fetch you without even you leaving your chair. A complete all-around peaceful life may even feel difficult to attain, but momentary peace is a much easier task. This article outlines five very simple ways to attain peace in less than five minutes.

Talking to someone you love

We have an advantage, advantage over all the other living beings. We can talk to people we love. There are no other animals that can communicate with their kind, but we, humans, have developed far more complicated modes of communication. The only thing that makes this planet earth a habitable place is not oxygen or water, it’s love. Its love that binds us all together gives meaning to life. After all, how would the living be different from the dead if there was no love? Love gives meaning to our existence, and it is the key to peace.

If you live with your loved ones, well and good, just talk to them, and you will feel the dawn of peace growing inside you. A feeling of warmth will get mixed up with your blood, and you will start feeling the anxiety drift away from you. If your loved ones are far, just pick up the phone and call them. You will definitely feel peaceful


The second easiest way to feel peaceful in less than five minutes is by doing something you love doing. Your hobby. Be it the silliest thing that exists in this world, but if you like doing it, just get up and start off. If you like to sing, go to someplace where you can sing at the top of your voice and just sing. If you like to dance, just get up, find a place and start dancing. Anything, any hobby that gives you pleasure, can bring peace to you.

A concentrated mind is much more peaceful than a mind that flows like a drop of water in a vibrating plate. Therefore, to bring peace to yourself and find tranquility and serenity, just try and concentrate your mind on something you like doing. It will definitely help.


The third way is writing. You might be surprised how peaceful writing about anything at all could be. Write about yourself, your life, the good things, the bad things. About people you love and people you hate. Write down everything that goes on in your mind, and in no time, you would feel everything lightening up. You will definitely feel the anxiety slipping away from your being, and you will definitely love the feeling.


The fourth way is meditating. By meditation, I don’t mean complex body postures, which could lead to some muscle cramps if not done under expert supervision. I’m just talking about sitting in a comfortable position, closing your eyes, and counting your breath. This simple technique does nothing but resets your brain.

Every thought train that had through time converted itself to a monstrous fa├žade will fade away, and you will start thinking about everything from a new angle which could be very beneficial at times. It will definitely help you have a better perception of things going around you and off-course bringing you peace in the process.


The last on this list is walking. God has endowed us with many methods which can cure us of a mind full of anxiety and lead us to the path of peace. After all, he loved us, and he is far smarter than we are. He gave us nature to help us cure ourselves and give us peace whenever we demand. So whenever you feel like it, just drop everything you are doing and get out of our house.

Go to a place which you like. A park, a lush green garden, or even someplace you love, maybe your alma mater or the place you grew in. Just go there and spend some time doing no work, just living the moments. You don’t have to work hard for the peace to come. It will follow you wherever you go but always remember to lock your doors. It’s essential to have a Whitby locksmith rekey your locks just for peace of mind. Sometimes we see people searching for peace as if it is some treasure hidden beneath the mountains. It is a treasure that is hidden beneath you. Just take a look inside yourself to find that peace that is reserved for you.