Faith and religion are important aspects of many people‘s lives. If you’re tied into a church community, you know that the church is more than just a building; it represents a place of peace and support during the highs and lows of life. The church can be a second home for some people, a place where you feel loved and accepted no matter what. Feeling such a strong connection with a place and an organization can leave you wondering what you can do to give back.

The mission of the church revolves around putting good into the world without asking for much in return. While Jesus spoke of tithes and offerings, he also asked for His followers to serve Him through their time and talents. You can give back to your church in any number of ways beyond just financially. A religious organization takes on many roles to help serve their community, and chances are they need your help to better serve everyone. If you’re looking to give back to your church, here are just a few ways you can start.



The Bible explains tithing as giving your first 10% of earnings back to God to show you have faith He will help your life and finances prosper. If you are a strict follower of biblical teachings, that should be enough reason to pull out your offering envelope. Churches function primarily off of this kind of fundraising and need your offering to keep up the good work they do within the congregation and the community. You can make a weekly, monthly, or annual commitment to your church and give each week with ease. You can even purchase specialized offering envelopes to make your pledge. You can help decide where you would like your money to be allocated, to a specific drive, your regular tithe, or the physical needs of the church. While there are other ways to give back to the church beyond just monetarily, this is always a great place to start if you’re financially able.

Tech Support

Another way to give back to your church community is through your talents. A lot of churches don’t have the funds to spend on fancy tech support and rely on volunteers to help run everything from projections during the service to social media accounts. Religion is ever-adapting to its current climate, and now is the time to bring the word of God to the digital era.

Many churches are learning to connect directly to the people through peer-to-peer text messaging technology. Through p2p texting, you can reach an entire congregation through the simple click of a button. This tech is often used for political campaigns or donation drives, but can just as easily serve as a platform to get the word out about fun church activities or volunteer needs. You just collect a contact list, send the info, then message directly with congregants.


Maintenance Skills

At its core, a church is a building and therefore has maintenance needs. Try to give back by helping with landscaping or cooking a dish for the church potluck. Simple acts like vacuuming the sanctuary or repainting the welcome sign are easy ways to do your part.


Within the church, there are many generations, including kids who need teachers and mentors. If you’re good at connecting with youth, consider giving back by teaching a Sunday school class or being a catechism teacher. This allows you to make special connections with the younger members of your church community while sharing the passion you have for the Lord.

Providing Care

Sometimes the best way to give back is simply by being present. Churches have the responsibility to be there during joyful moments like weddings and births, but also during hard times like death, illness, financial trouble, and depression. You can give back to members of your church who are going through these trying times by listening, offering support, cooking dinners, and providing any other care they need. God calls His followers to create community and support, so this would be a great way to follow through on that as well.