going green

With climate change an undeniable threat to Earth and the global pandemic keeping millions of people at home and having to rethink their everyday lives, green living is more important in 2020 than ever. To go green means to make changes to your lifestyle that better benefit the environment and help protect the planet from oncoming pollution. If you make just a few simple changes, you will do an enormous part towards helping the planet and making the Earth a safe, clean place for you and your family to live. Check out five ways you can go green today.

1. Changing Your Energy Sources

You may not realize just how damaging to the environment typical fuel can be. Luckily, there are better energy sources that benefit sustainable living and a healthier output onto the Earth’s atmosphere. One of the most common alternatives is solar energy, which is not only clean and efficient, but abundant and easy to use. By making the change to solar energy, you can power your facilities in an environmentally conscious way, as well as a convenient way with the help of a solar power battery as a backup.

In addition to powering your house with solar energy, if possible, consider making a change to your vehicles. If you drive a car, you will find that an electric or hybrid car will be worth the investment, as cutting down on fossil fuel emissions makes a huge difference to keeping the air clean.

2. Changing Your Modes Of Transit

On the subject of transportation, if driving a hybrid or electric car is not a possibility for you, consider cutting down driving in favor of other modes of transport. By going for walks, riding a bicycle, carpooling, or taking public transportation, you will help clear the air of pollution as well as cut down on traffic congestion by keeping the roads clearer. Not only are active modes of transportation like walking and bicycling better for the environment, they are also good for your body and health because of the exercise and sunlight you will be getting every time.

3. Reusing and Recycling What You Can

One of the quickest, easiest, and handiest ways you can help the environment is by repurposing items you have rather than throwing them away or using disposable alternatives. Instead of drinking water from plastic bottles, buy a reusable cup or bottle to fill with filtered tap water throughout the day. Instead of throwing out cardboard boxes or food jars, repurpose them to use around the house as storage containers.

You may find it to be a fun activity to try to think of the different useful ways you can repurpose things you would otherwise throw in the trash. On the subject of trash, when you do want to dispose of these things, be sure to put plastic, glass, aluminum, and paper products in recycle bins rather than the garbage can.

4. Cutting Down On Your Energy Consumption

Whenever you are not using an electronic item such as a phone charger, a laptop, or any device that is plugged into an outlet, unplug it. Do the same for kitchen appliances that are not in use, as by keeping these things plugged in, you are wasting electricity that you could easily be saving. In addition, turn lights and ceiling fans off in rooms that are currently empty, and you will find that these simple changes will cut down on your power bill immensely.

5. Using Less Water

A hot shower feels great, but limit the time you spend letting the water run. By only using as much time as you need to get clean in the shower, you will save great amounts of water. Be mindful of the quantities of water you are using elsewhere in the house too.


Green living will make you and your family feel better. Not only physically healthy, but happier knowing that you are helping the world.