Most people would love to have more energy throughout the day. All too often, it feels like the list of things to do is too long for the amount of energy you have. However, there are some natural ways to boost your energy levels. You simply have to focus on establishing a routine full of health habits that you can maintain. While it may take some time to perfect, it is important that you start somewhere. Consider these five tips for increasing your energy levels throughout the day.

1. Establish a Routine

When you do not have a set routine, you may get overwhelmed by all the things you wish to accomplish in a day. However, when you know what your goals are for the day, you can get started on the right foot. Your body will get into a natural rhythm and give you enough energy to do each task that you need to do, especially when you combine this strategy with the others listed below. If you have never made a routine for yourself before, sit down and take some time to figure out what is realistic and necessary to get done each day.

2. Get Plenty of Exercise

Although it can seem counterintuitive, exercise is a natural energy booster. Instead of it wearing you out completely, exercise should get your heart pumping and blood flowing. The most important thing is to do your exercises in moderation and to do things that you enjoy. You also want to stay hydrated and find the best pre workout formula for yourself. Making exercise a part of your daily routine will reward you in more ways than one; a natural energy boost is one of the most important ones.

3. Drink Lots of Water

There is some debate on how much water you should drink in a day, but the important thing is that you are staying hydrated. Instead of reaching for a steaming cup of coffee in the morning, consider downing a cool glass of water. According to the United States Geological Survey, your body is made up of about 60% water! This means that you should do everything you can to increase your water intake while reducing the amount of caffeine and carbonated beverages that you ingest.

4. Limit Screen Time

Staring at a phone or computer screen can take a major toll on your energy levels. If you find yourself involved in too much screen time throughout the day at work, make sure you are taking periodic breaks to step away and rest your eyes. When you are looking at the blue light of a screen for too long, you can start to feel drowsy. It can also affect your melatonin production, which can affect your quality of sleep at night. When possible, focus on spending less time on a screen and more time being active.

5. Get Restful Sleep

If you are not resting well at night, you will obviously have low energy levels throughout the day. If you are having trouble falling asleep, try using something like a sound machine to soothe you. If you have problems staying asleep or still feel tired after a full night’s rest, you might want to talk to your physician about sleep apnea. This is a serious condition that can greatly affect your quality of sleep and overall quality of life. It is important that you discover the root of the problem for poor sleep and address it right away.

When you commit to doing these five things, you will be on your way to increasing your energy throughout the day. This can affect your overall well-being and productivity. Nutrition, sleep, activity levels and stress all play an important part in how much energy you have, so make sure you are doing your part to stay healthy in these areas. You might be surprised at how a few simple changes can boost your energy levels naturally and get you on the way to feeling your best.