Positivity High

Imagine this, you are going on a date with your better half, and you’ve put on your best attire (or so you think). You are looking yourself in the mirror, and you are like, “Oh damn! Today I’ve killed it.”

As you rush towards the car, you meet your harsh neighbor, and she gives you that side-eye. Since it’s not the first time, you immediately know that she doesn’t like your new look.

Your best day suddenly turns sour. You take the better part of your precious date contemplating on what to put on to please your neighbor.

Has this ever happened to you? Or maybe something similar that degraded your self-esteem? Well, we know how it feels.

There is something you can do about it (And it’s not putting a bullet in your critic’s head). Here are five ways to live a positive and happy life.

Let Ignorance Be your Best Friend

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe once said that nothing is more powerful than ignorant in action. If someone’s comments affect you, it’s because you have opened your heart to everything.

Your heart is the door to your life. If you leave it open at all times, you’ll lose what should remain and let in what should get out. It means that if you ignore what they say, their hurtful words won’t pierce your heart.

When it comes to staying positive, ignoring what your critics say is the best weapon to fight them off. Even if it means having a spiky haircuts and showing off at the board meeting, yes, it’s that serious.

Living in a positive environment

Who do you spend your time with? What do you watch on TV? What do you read in books and magazines?

These questions pave a clear way to what you feed yourself with. If you stay with things that impact you in the right way, it equally translates to your life.

These questions pave a clear way to what you feed yourself with. If you stay with things that impact you in the right way, it equally translates to your life.

Getting Rid of your Fears

Let’s face it – we all have fears that stagnate our progress. For instance, you may have a good business idea that you are sure will skyrocket if you take the leap. However, you’re afraid your family won’t support you. Since they have a “special place” in your heart, you let them win.

But wait!

What if you present them with a clear blueprint of how you’ll do the business? Show them what you are expecting in returns and the strategies you’ll use to ensure it succeeds. Well, at least you’ll l have convinced them enough.

It’s not the end of the road if they still refuse to go with the idea. As long as you are sure, the business will succeed, move on with it. Check out this video on how to face your fears like a warrior.

Let Love be your Right-hand Guy

When you do good to those that hate you, it’s like putting tongs of hot charcoal on their heads. You make them think twice and regret their acts.

Look, life is not all about trying to prove that you’re not wrong. If you take a lot of time fighting back, you’ll lose the time you’d have taken building on yourself. The result is a bitter, envious, and painful life that you never anticipated.

Don’t Kill Yourself When You Are Imperfect

Perfectionism is very destructive. Not all the successful people you see around are perfectionists. They have one or two things that weigh them down. However, they don’t stop moving forward because they didn’t succeed in one project.

Mr. Brown has been a journalist for 12 years. Over this time, he’s interviewed hundreds of CEOs and award-winning athletes. None of them reached where they were because they were perfectionists.

Critics will always be on your neck if you don’t heed according to their ways. Look, you can’t kill yourself when someone demands that you sing while you know that you are a good orator.

Plus, when you fail at what you are good at, don’t look for something else. Pick up your mess, learn from it, and continue.

Final Take

It’s only in this world that you will breathe in approximately 17, 280 times a day. So you are responsible for your happiness. If you use your day to listen and assimilate what your critics say, you will have the worst life ever, bombshell!