Whether you are young, middle-aged or a senior, it is never too late to discover more about who you are. If one of your goals this year is to learn more about yourself and grow as a person, these five ways can help you get there.

1. Regular Health Screenings

Doctor appointments and health screenings are essential to understanding your physical traits and how to properly take care of yourself. Visit your general practitioner every year for a physical. If you are a woman, visit your OBGYN every year as well. Follow up on any instructions the doctor gives you, such as blood work or diet restrictions. 

Food sensitivity tests, such as a gluten test, are a fantastic way to see what foods your body reacts poorly to. Whether you have symptoms or not, taking these tests can reveal information about your health that you may be unaware of, giving you more knowledge of your current condition and henceforth how to take better care of your body.

2. Solo Vacation

While a solo vacation may seem intimidating at first, it can be a wonderful way to take an in-depth look at your personality. By going alone, you have complete control of the trip. It is an opportunity to try new foods, drinks and activities, all while learning more about your likes and dislikes.

If this sounds overwhelming, try a smaller solo trip before booking a large one. Find a town in your state or in a surrounding state that sounds fun to visit. Reserve a hotel or Airbnb for a long weekend. Book activities that look fun but also leave yourself some free time to explore.

3. Deep Conversations

So many conversations with friends, even close friends, are often surface-level topics. While there is nothing wrong with that, deeper conversations with your loved ones help you learn about your beliefs and develop a more thorough understanding of your situations. 

While it can be difficult to schedule quality time with friends and family, make a habit of doing so. Even if it is every few months, this still gives you a chance to develop relationships and have profound conversations. Chat while meeting for dinner or simply drinking coffee while the kids run and play.

Take time to reflect before the meeting, to determine what concerns, celebrations or questions are on your mind. Make a mental note to bring up these topics with your friend. By opening up to him or her, you get to hear his or her perspective, which may give you ideas you never thought of previously.

4. Journaling

Journaling is a fantastic way to clearly lay out your beliefs and ideas. The great part is you do not have to be a good writer to journal. The purpose is not to have good grammar but to work through your thoughts and feelings by writing them down.

If you like good old-fashioned pen and paper writing, purchase a notebook and journal in it a few times a week or when you are feeling particularly emotional. If you prefer technology, create a document on your laptop to log entries. Write down what is on your mind, both good and bad.

Take some quiet time to reflect on your entries once completed. You may come to some new realizations by simply meditating on your notes. 

5. Therapist

A therapist is a professional who can provide excellent strategies for working through your thoughts and emotions. You do not have to be in a vulnerable state to see a therapist. They are wonderful resources for simply helping you navigate your way through decisions in life. 

Some companies provide therapy coverage in their benefits packages. Reach out to your human resources representative for details or find a practitioner you can afford at out-of-pocket costs.

No matter where you are in your self-discovery journey, these five methods can help you learn and grow as a person.