The Big Day Is Almost Here—Take a Big Breath

You’ve dreamed of this day, fantasized about it, envisioned each detail. It’s your wedding, your day to shine. Before you get there though, you’ve got a lot to do and planning the perfect day can quickly become stressful.

Be realistic about how easily you get stressed out. If you don’t enjoy the process of organizing everything, consider hiring a wedding planner to remove some pressure. There are many resources to help you get a genuine idea of what is involved so you can plan ahead.

Here are five tips to reduce stress as you approach the big day:

1. Sweat It Out

Exercise is magical—it stimulates the body while helping you relax into a healthy state of mind. Not to mention, it keeps you feeling confident and looking great. Regular exercise can reduce your adrenaline and cortisol stress hormone levels. It also stimulates the endorphins associated with the euphoric feelings of relaxation and optimism that accompany a good workout.

If that isn’t enough to convince you to buy a class pass or commit to a six-week boot camp, consider the zone you get in during a walk. Rhythmic, repetitive movements can act like a meditation. This brings us to the next tip.

2. Meditation Is Trending for a Reason

You know it’s good for you. You keep hearing people talk about the life-changing results a regular mediation practice has brought them. So, what are you waiting for? What better way to prepare for your big day than to take some deep, restorative breaths, and visualize the perfect day unfolding with ease. If you find it hard to concentrate on your own, there are many meditation apps that use your phone as a lifeline to a calmer state of mind.

Just 5–10 minutes of mindfulness a day can drastically reduce stress levels, release oxytocin, and slow your heart rate. Even if you don’t achieve that perfect “Zen” space, you’ll begin to see things with greater clarity. If nothing else, use this time to envision perfect weather as you visualize your big day.

3. Treat Self-Care as More than a Suggestion

Self-care is a term that gets thrown around a lot—almost more than bouquets do—with little definition. That’s because it means different things for different people. Self-care can be anything from a tranquil shower to scrolling through social media while sheet masking (we love this one from USANA Health Sciences), to a full day at the spa being pampered. It may seem counterintuitive during such a busy time to step away for yoga or a pedicure, but it’s critical to spoil yourself.

Create time to decompress and nourish your mind and body. Check in with yourself while doing something restorative and you’ll feel calmer, more confident, and balanced. A little self-care goes a long way and will help you tackle the endless to-dos with new insights and a calmer approach.

4. Plan a Date Night

Wedding planning can also put a strain on the soon-to-be married couple. From differing opinions to merging families, seating charts, or an imbalanced workload, all aspects of your life are touched by this monumental event. It’s easy to forget that the most important thing is your relationship with your partner.

Disconnect from planning and reconnect with each other. Relive your favorite memories, laugh at adorable quirks, reminisce about your engagement and the reasons you chose one another. The promise of a fulfilling life together is the reason you’re going through all this in the first place. Go on a date, stay in and make dinner, catch a movie. Oh, and just one rule—no wedding talk!

5. Take a Step Back with Trusted Backups

To reduce stress on the big day, build a rapport with your support system to allow you to take a step back and rely on them. Keep these trusted individuals informed throughout the entire planning process. Let your loved ones, wedding party, hired planners, and vendors all know exactly what you’ve envisioned. Then relax knowing they will take care of everything and focus on making memories and cherishing every moment.

Your Perfect Day Starts with You

It’s a day of love, a day of boundless emotion and joy, a day to say “I do” and celebrate your vow with those you cherish most. Use these tips to de-stress and fill your world with a loving, upbeat energy from engagement to honeymoon. It’s time to celebrate your beautiful life ahead.