E-commerce is quickly becoming not only a popular feature on many websites, but nearly a requirement for the survival of many businesses, as more consumers than ever are shifting the majority of their purchasing habits online. 

Implementing successful e-commerce strategies can be challenging for even the most seasoned marketer since it necessitates ongoing learning and adaptability to the ever-changing flow of new trends. Investing in a third-party e-commerce marketing platform has proven to be a fruitful approach for many people to eliminate the agony and guesswork associated with designing the finest e-commerce solution.

Equipped with professional staff trained in scaling e-commerce businesses, Ads and Funnels is one such agency that has amassed an exceptional track record of success. We sat down with its founders Michael Kelly and Brittany Bush to gain insights into the strategies all e-commerce brands should use to stay ahead of the game.

Boost Your Average Order Value (AOV)

AOV is the average amount of money customers spend in your store. In other words, it shows how much revenue each order brings.

To find out the average bill, use a simple formula: Average check = total income/number of orders.

There are a few ways to increase your AOV. You could convince a customer to buy a more expensive and attractive version of a product. For instance, sellers on the Envato market offer extended technical support for an extra charge for 12 months.

“Another quick and simple way to turbo-charge your average order value is by adding a special offer on the order bump to tempt your customer into spending more (if you don’t already have one) or adding an additional upsell or down-sell. This hands customers the opportunity to upgrade their order which in turn leads to a higher AOV”, says Brittany.

Transform a Customer into a #1 Fan Through Their Lifetime Value (LTV)

The goal of any successful brand is to create universal principles for turning people not just into customers, but into instant shoppers and enthusiastic superfans.

“Increasing the LTV of a customer is how you measure success in this area”, says Michael. “There are really only 3 ways to increase your LTV: Turn your customers into frequent repeat buyers; increase the average order value of each purchase; skyrocket your retention rate of your customers”.

Use Heatmaps & Split Tests To Increase Store Conversion Rates

“One of the most overlooked but important things we notice when it comes to increasing conversion rates is utilizing heat maps and split tests like HotJar, Microsoft Clarity, etc to study the buyer behavior”, says Michael. 

A heatmap is a must-have for a marketer, UX designer, and SEO specialist as it assists in determining how to make a website more user-friendly. Data on user behavior is critical for optimizing the site. You may make the resource more useful by learning what visitors click on and what they don’t click on. 

A split test determines which elements (buttons, headers, images) and in what order “work” better.

Use the Power of Words

Words are the most potent force available to humanity. Words have energy and power. The right use of words can build a brand, while the wrong use can destroy it.

Michael put it perfectly: “Find something to help you stick out from all of the noise. Mine happened to be joking about selling foot pictures in my content strategy. By doing this I was able to differentiate myself and make people “feel” a certain way. I believe people remember how someone makes them feel longer than a piece of content that teaches them something and in this case through making someone laugh I was able to make them feel happy”.

Optimize the Customer Experience For Mobile

The average smartphone user spends over 3 hours a day online. Because ensuring the best possible customer experience is critical to the success of any business, the answer is straightforward: any successful brand should now optimize its service to be mobile-friendly.