Do you remember being a teenager, a young soul searching for its path, following your passion, and deciding what it is that you wanted to do with yourself? I am sure many of you thought long and hard about the “road” and goals that would make you happy. Now you realize that maybe you should have taken it a little less seriously. Sometimes life pushes us to reinvent ourselves and our lives. If you feel trapped at your job, dissatisfied with your life, it is time to take the plunge and begin the process of transformation.

Most adults have reinvented themselves several times over the years. To reinvent does not necessarily mean to change. It means making a shift, reaching out to use our potential fully, and achieve personal greatness. Reinventing may sound like a complicated task to deal with, but that is not the case. It means gradually growing, making a choice every day of what you want to become, even if that means leaving old patterns behind.

2020 was incredibly challenging. At times it seems like it is stretching out to 2021 also. The year of the coronavirus pandemic took so much from us on an individual and nuclear family level, and it gave us a chance to think about the life we are living. We had time to reflect and find what we could do differently to live the life and career we love.

If there ever was a time to act and do the work needed to transform yourself and reach your full potential, it is right now.

Before we break down the “strategy,” I have a disclaimer. Reinventing yourself is not supposed to be creating a whole new personality from scratch. It is assessing your life up until this point, evaluating your successes and “failures” and thinking about the lessons you have learned. Everything you have experienced and learned is precious for your future self because it gives you important insights and profound knowledge about yourself.

Whichever way you want to go about reinventing yourself, with a massive leap of faith or with small steps, the most crucial thing will be your mindset. You will achieve the things you believe you are capable of achieving.

Making a drastic change can be daunting. But those who are committed to living their dreams are willing to push through in spite of their fears.  They move forward and step into the unknown with the flaming desire and unwavering faith in themselves.

Are you ready to reinvent yourself and start the winning path? Here’s the game-plan.

Envision your future

Take a pause and close your eyes. Imagine your life as you want it to be; your dream job, feelings, people, and situations. What does that life look like, and what do you need to do to achieve it? And what do you need to let go?

Do not forget: everything you have been through has prepared you for the future. My advice here is to cultivate gratitude and be compassionate towards yourself. Thank the past for all the valuable lessons and thank yourself for being strong and brave.

Make the future come alive

Write about your future life. Put your vision on a paper or a board and include all the details of your story. That way, you will have a clear view of your priorities. This will also serve you as a reminder to always make some time for your passions.

A bullet journal is an effective way to go about this. You can make it a plain step-by-step, to-do list or get your creative juices flowing by creating a vision of your dream life. Either way, it will surely help get you there.

Break it down step-by-step

You should probably take time with this because it is a significant milestone in making your game-plan. Sit down, look at your vision board (real or imaginary), and think about what it is that you need to do every day to create that vision. Is it diversifying your skills, networking, or maybe just embracing a different point of view?

Visualizing your path to the future seems a lot less challenging when broken up into workable tasks.

Mind your attitude

One of the most critical steps to reinventing yourself is changing your attitude to match the possibilities you want to attract to become your new self.

Mindset is crucial when it comes to fighting for your dream life. All your desires, talents, connections, and adversities won’t matter as much as your mindset. A positive attitude and faith in yourself are vital. The one thing that could pose the biggest threat in this adventure is self-doubt. Trust yourself, your abilities, and the people in your circle. Many dreams were shattered before they were even made possible because of insecurity and doubt.

Remember that struggle is normal

Life throws many hurdles along our way, but that does not mean anyone should give up on their dreams, especially if you’re already on the path. Failure – and overcoming it – can be a very productive and powerful asset to becoming successful.

Resilience in the face of setbacks is the most valuable lesson that you can learn. It is one of the most potent traits to acquire during your career. Remaining flexible in the face of obstacles helps put things into perspective and shift focus to what truly motivates you. That is when you remember your goals and desires. And that is where you draw motivation and strength to keep on pushing through.

What can you do right this moment to keep moving forward? Do at least one thing so that you maintain momentum, and most importantly, always keep faith in yourself.