Workplace Well being

Progress and productivity go hand in hand. Just like peanut butter and jelly on a sandwich.

In order to raise the progress bar of your company, you need to boost the productivity level of your employees.

How can you do that, besides offering them a comfortable salary? I’ve got a few ideas in store for you. Check out the following tips to revamp the workspace to make it more engaging for the workers.

Modify the Seats

Do you have any idea about how much posture affects mood? Apparently, a lot. According to the Association for Psychological Science, sitting at a desk for nine hours straight creates a depressive effect on the workers. Because their posture gets the severest blow, their performance sees an all-time low.

So, how can you avert that? By adding an element of innovation to the workstations. Yes, you can replace the boring seats with standing desks or exercise balls or fluffy floor cushions or something which keeps their posture healthy and keeps them active.

Freshen Up the Décor

A decade or two ago, all you could find in the offices were square-shaped cubicles, dull grey wallpaper, and a general air of restlessness. This constituted as a highly toxic environment for any regular human being to work in because it offered zero distraction to the employees and treated them like robots.

However, once the people in charge realized the flaw in the system, they immediately changed their ways. Now, you can find potted plants, artistic decorations, lots of lighting options and even paintings gracing a workplace. This healthy ‘green touch’ to the office decor has been known to raise the productivity level to almost 15%.

Declutter and Minimalize

The advancement of technology has radically changed the commercial sphere. With businesses going online and performing their collaborative work over the internet, the old ways of going about have become outdated. No longer can you see files stacked to the roof, because everything’s gone virtual.

So, I believe it’s time for a little fall cleaning. Yes, start your decluttering process and remove any sort of unnecessary mess from your workstation. Keep the workplace clean, minimal and digitally up-to-date. See where the workers’ productivity goes from there.

Build a Game Room

‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’.

You must have heard of this proverb before. Interestingly, it fits quite well in this scenario. If the employees sit in front of their computer screens and consistently work for hours on end, they’re bound to get stressed up ultimately. And this stress is sure to lower their productivity level.

So, the only way out of this fix is to introduce entertainment channels in the department, with controlled usage, of course. The workers could play games on PS4 or watch movies over the corporate’s safe network (Check: Local Cable Deals) during their break hours and feel relieved. An entertainment room is a good office investment, especially in the long run.

Enable Ready Sustenance

Most of the workers I meet complain about the office café food. It’s mostly processed and single-tracked. It offers them no variety and dulls their mood generally.

As you know, a fulfilled appetite makes a more productive being, so perhaps, a measure should be introduced to bring diversity in the office sustenance.

Water coolers could be placed at a shorter distance. Dehydration affects both mental and physical performance, so it should be averted at all costs. Not only that, organic options could be made available for the health-conscious workers. Incentives to non-smokers could be arranged to discourage smoking generally and to cut smoking breaks, which take up a lot of the employees’ time, etc.

So, by implementing the aforementioned revamping tips, you can surely increase the productivity level in your workplace.