In lieu of the month of November, I think it is important that we take some time to show gratitude. Gratitude is defined as “thankfulness” or the “state of being grateful”. Many of us fail to understand the power and impact that gratitude can have in our lives. Gratitude can increase happiness, health, and our overall perception of what is good in life. Showing or having gratitude is much more than saying a simple “thanks”. It is an embodiment of the honor and appreciation towards the person or entity that has been a blessing to you. Gratitude is going the extra mile without expecting anything in return. So, to help you practice more gratitude, I have assembled five ways that I use to make sure that I remain humble and grateful in my journey.

1. Don’t Complain: When something unfortunate happens, it is natural to complain to others or even ourselves. However, every time you complain, you reinforce negativity. So, instead try see the good in the situation and think that everything happens for a reason. If something is not favorable now, it was not meant to be. Your reward is coming soon.

2. Be Thoughtful: It is natural for us to defend our own emotions but show gratitude by thinking of others. Even if someone or something is not good to you, be thoughtful and grateful by considering their needs. Remain patient, courteous, and kind. See to understand rather than be understood.

3. Express Yourself: Of course, it never gets old to physically tell someone how you appreciate them but go the extra mile by surprising them with tea, coffee, or a bagel. Everyone likes to receive surprise gifts because it shows that you were thinking of them.

4. Volunteer: Volunteering is a great way to show gratitude because you appreciate all that you have. You recognize that others may need service more than you, so you are willing to sacrifice your time to be a blessing to someone else. More so, this is beneficial to you because you gain confidence and respect from those around.

5. Start a Gratitude Journal: Take a few minutes each day to reflect on your positive experiences. This way the good times will not easily be forgotten. But more importantly, when you feel sad or unappreciated you reflect on all of the good experiences that you have had.

I hope that you have enjoyed my five suggestions on how to increase gratitude in your life. Select one or two that you may want to work on more intently. To express my gratitude to you, for the month of November and in honor of Indigenous and Thanksgiving Day, I am offering 28% off of any coaching package. I hope to hear from you soon!