Great Moms nurture us, encourage us to learn and love us, no matter what. This year, on Mother’s Day, take care of your mom just like she has taken care of you. here are five tips to help guide you.

1. Push Her to Learn (Nicely)

Moms teach their children ABCs, 123s and everything after that. They are often known as champions of homework and college applications. Now, it might be your turn to push your mom to learn new things. In order to keep her brain young and active, sign her up for a painting class (or a class on any new skill), teach her how to do a Soduku puzzle, and even show her apps which can keep her brain active and healthy no matter her age. Lifelong learning keeps the brain stimulated and helps ward off dementia. She might even start beating you at Sudoku.

2. Keep Her Company

Your mom kept you company for hours driving to soccer practices and sitting with you at the doctor. In order to return the favor, you can keep her company to minimize some of the time she may spend alone. Whether that be joining her for a check-up or helping her with errands, she would love to have you tag along.

3. Cook Her a Meal

Your mom has probably cooked endless amounts of meals for you, so why not cook something for her on Mother’s Day? You can cook it at her house or yours, try a new recipe or an old favorite — she won’t care! The gesture alone will mean a lot, and if it doesn’t turn out quite right, have a laugh and enjoy some takeout.

4. Teach Her Healthy Habits

Brushing your teeth, eating well, getting eight hours of sleep — your mom probably encouraged these healthy habits. On May 8, take the opportunity to teach your mom something new you have learned. That might be your love of juicing, your favorite yoga pose or a great cookbook you have been reading. You can help keep her healthy and feeling great by showing her new tips and tricks you’ve found for yourself.

5. Have Fun With Her

You can take care of your mom by just laughing with her. Your life is filled with joyous family memories and hilarious moments: This year on Mother’s Day, make some new memories with your mom — and make sure your include a healthy sense of humor!

MedPost encourages you to celebrate all the moms in your life this week. Take the time on Mother’s Day to show how much you appreciate and care for them — after all, they’ve been taking care of you for a long time.

Arianna Huffington: Mother’s Day