Using your intuition to solve your current problems is one of the most empowering things you can do.  You see developing your intuition is like creating a link between you and a higher, all knowing, all aware universal mind which has all the answers.

Intuitive Journaling –

Taking 20 to 30 minutes a day to writing out your thoughts and feelings allows you to organize your thoughts, As you stay locked into the process of expressing your thoughts and feelings on paper after several minutes you will find yourself moving into a trance state and in that state you will find yourself much better able to access your intuitive mind.  

Insightful thoughts, ideas and solutions will come to your mind, during this journaling process.  The key to making this work is to truly engage yourself in the writing process for the full 20 to 30-minutes time.

Using a Pendulum to Access Your Intuitive Mind –

Using a pendulum is another great way of exploring your intuitive mind.  If you don’t have a pendulum you can simply make one.  Add a ring to a chain to create a makeshift pendulum.

The key to using a pendulum is to connect with the pendulum on a subconscious level.  Holding the pendulum in your right hand, sit quietly and close your eyes, going inside of your mind communicate with the pendulum.

Speak into your inner mind.  Say with a firmness, “if the answer is yes, then the pendulum should swing north and south.  However, if the answer is no, the pendulum must swing left and right. Do this a few times holding a firm clear intent that the pendulum and yourself are working in sync.

In order to develop a connection with the pendulum and your intuitive mind you need to explore the use of the Pendulum by asking as many different questions as you can.  Sit with this for a few minutes to an hour just playing around and developing this inner connection with the pendulum.

Intuitive Sketching –

If you are a visual person and lead more to receiving impressions based on images, then this intuitive will be something you enjoy. 

Close your eyes, while at the same time holding your pen or pencil on a sheet of paper.  With your eyes closed, ask a question of your inner mind.  Let your hand move around on the paper in any random fashion you feel like, don’t try to control anything, just let your inner feeing guide your hand. 

Let go let your mind wonder a bit giving your hand the freedom to move and do what it wants.  This technique may be a bit tricky; as it forces you to detach a bit.  which is a great method of removing the control that the mind tries to have over the answer. 

As you allow that free flowing movement to happen with your hand, do whatever feels right.  Do this technique until you no longer feel like doing it.  Now open your eyes and look at what you have done.  Is there any correlation between what symbols you have created and the question you previously asked?  Look for the answer you will find it.

Guided Meditation Journeys –

You could create your own meditation journeys to connect with your intuition in order to get solutions to your problems.  Another option is that, you can also buy guided meditation journeys, already designed to open and develop your intuitive mind, leading you to the answers that you seek. 

Without the guided journeys, we are more likely to drift off into other thoughts that have nothing to do with working through our problems.  At the end of a guided meditation, you should feel a greater connection with your intuitive mind and also come out of the guided meditation with strong answers to the problems you want to solve. 

Dream Work –

We often overlook our dreams because we have not learned how to understand the meaning of the dream symbols which appear.  However, with a little bit of time and energy dedicated to exploring your dreams, you will realize that your dreams are better than any psychic you could ever go to.

Just before going off to sleep at night, close your eyes and say to your inner mind.  “Tonight, I want to dream of a solution to XX problem.”  Repeating this command at least ten times.  Every time you repeat it, you are saying to your inner mind that you are serious and determined about getting the answer. 

The following morning before getting out of bed, lay there and try to recall any dreams you had during the night.  Immediately record everything you can recall, then analyze the dream to see, what answers were given in relation to your question.

There is Power in Being Committed

Finally, the methods to developing and using your intuition should become a regular part of your life.  The more you practice the better you become.