purpose of work-life balance

Work from home is minimizing the gap between work and life for many employees. There are no time limitations to work and meetings. The result is a high amount of stress, impacting the day-to-day life of the employees and the people around them. Therefore, striking a healthy work-life balance is more important in these challenging times than ever before.

It can be mentally challenging to work from home all the time. Without care and diligence, it can easily lead to burnout. More and more people are feeling the stress of working anytime without any schedule. While the office had a systematic work structure, the free time at home is also becoming a part of the daily work routine.

In this article, we will focus on 5 well-being practices for achieving a healthy work-life balance. It comprises things that you should do at an individual level to stay mentally fit during these trying times. Let’s look at them in detail. 

5 Well-being Practices to Achieve Work-life Balance

A healthy work-life balance relates to the perfect match between your personal and professional life. To be happy and content should be the purpose of work-life balance. The overall well-being depends on how happy you are in your work and life. Here are 5 practices that will help you achieve that healthy work-life balance – 

Define your time

The first thing to do is to define your time for work. Track the amount of time you spend working and then bring it under the working hours. Many people spend work time lazing around and then work beyond their daily hours. Define a time and let the team know that you won’t be working beyond that except in case of any emergency. Defining your time will also help you to determine the priorities at work and home.

Focus on fitness

Health is an important aspect of work-life balance. If you aren’t physically and mentally fit, it would soon lead to burnout. Sometimes, not focusing on your health can lead to long-term illness. It may take some time to adjust but have a regular fitness routine. You can hit the gym, walk, or go running for improving your physical fitness. Meditation is a great exercise for keeping yourself mentally fit.

Disconnect consciously

On weekends, you should unplug yourself from technology. The more connected you stay, the more chances are that you will fall into the trap of working on weekends. When you consciously unplug yourself, you get a healthy amount of rest. Don’t work when it’s not time to work. Giving yourself a break from the constant emails and distractions is a great way to refuel yourself and avoid potential burnout.

Nurture relationships

Your family and relationships are your biggest supporters in these trying times. Nurture them by spending a lot of quality time. Work-life balance need not be something that you just need for yourself. Spend time outdoors, go on vacations, and take the time to really understand people. The more you engage and connect with them, the better they get. So when you need to make a major decision, you can easily look forward to them for support.

Separate work and life

At BoTree Technologies, we keep our work and life separate. Whether it’s a project manager or even a junior Rails developer, our philosophy is to leave work at work. We never encourage taking work home or mixing family time with meetings and phone calls. Creating a distinction between work and life is an essential practice. At home, we have people set up their office desk to ensure they work and then leave that place only to visit the next day.

Work-life balance should be a priority

Both career and family are important to any individual. However, maintaining a balance between them should be a priority. The above 5 well-being practices will help you achieve more peace in your personal and professional life.