Here are a few of my thoughts on how to get the most out of life and enjoy it to the maximum.

1.        Burn your boats just a metaphor to leave the past behind

2.        Be passionate

3.        Take time off to recharge regularly

4.        Exercise regularly

5.        Set goals for your life

6.        Have a personal mission statement

7.        Be kind and generous

8.        Have fun

9.        Be humble

10.     Love life

11.     Treat people with respect

12.     Pursue your work with fervor and passion

13.     Commit to excellence

14.     Keep learning and improving

15.     Praise in public and criticize in private

16.     Like yourself

17.     Build self-discipline through small daily actions. “Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment”

18.     Develop courage and remember it is not absence of fear but triumph over fear

19.     Read great books that help you see possibilities

20.     Overcome challenges and embrace them

21.     The grass is greener on your side so appreciate what you have

22.     Think Big

23.     Lead by example

24.     Do first things first and second things not at all

25.     Manage yourself with the available time and time management will be taken care

26.     Write your accomplishments and keep revisiting them often

27.     Maintain a cheerful disposition

28.     Have a bias for action

29.     It is now or never

30.     Take personal initiative to create the results you want

31.     Nothing feels better than doing the things which other people say you cannot

32.     Don’t let anyone else decide what your vision should be

33.     Strong Self-belief is the catalyst for extraordinary achievement

34.     Live life on your terms

35.     Say no to the things which don’t align with your priorities

36.     Intense burning desire is the fuel that ignites personal success

37.     You are not your circumstances you are much more than that

38.     The past is great as long as you are visualizing all your past accomplishments. Ignore your past failures unless you plan to learn from them.

39.     Don’t succumb to peer pressure. You might be marching to a different drum beat.

40.     Remember the old proverb “Faith can move mountains”

41.     Make the biggest investment of your life in yourself as you are the biggest investment there is

42.     Never be overwhelmed by others success. Enjoy others success and learn from it.

43.     Make the best choices today so that you can live the life you have always dreamed of.

44.     There will be critics but we can choose to use them as a spring board to further our aspirations and achievements

45.     Think before your speak. Words can hurt but words can also inspire so use language to inspire yourself and others.

46.     Maximize your potential. Strive to reach your maximum.

47.     Be self-motivated and enthusiastic

48.     Love what you do and if you can do what you love even better

49.     Develop the three D’s for success “Discipline, Determination and Dedication”

50.     We should have great ambition but not let it destroy your peace of mind or balance in life.

51.     Success is about building momentum through small actions on a consistent basis which leads to great results.

52.     “Encouragement is oxygen to the soul.” We need to encourage ourselves on a regular basis to stay on game.

53.     Develop resilience to overcome setbacks

54.     Appreciate others and give people hope

55.     Share your life journey with those closest to you

56.     Develop a great network of family, associates and friends

57.     Spend quality time with those closest to you

58.     Commitment is the key to a life of meaning

There you have it 58 one liners which can help us get the most out of life. Thanks for reading this post. The views expressed here are my own and do not represent my organization.