Self Efficacy Confidence and Success

Everyone has their own path in life that leads them to become better, stronger versions of themselves. Although the goal is something you can look forward to, it may be difficult to keep up your energy along the way.

Life is complicated, which can lead people to have a lowered sense of self-efficacy. Self-efficacy is the belief you have in your skills and strengths to get you where you want to go. Without it, you may not have the mental strength to push yourself toward your next big dream.

Here’s how to improve self-efficacy and change your life, starting today. You’ll soon feel stronger and more confident in yourself, which will get you one step closer to whatever lies ahead.

1. Accomplish Small Tasks

You probably have several things in life you’d like to accomplish, but it may take a while to get to a place where you can finally check them off your bucket list. That large gap of time where it feels like nothing’s being done can be demotivating, tearing down your sense of self-efficacy.

Instead, focus on what’s immediately ahead of you. Set small tasks for yourself to accomplish and celebrate when they get done. This could be taking out the garbage once a week, eating one healthy meal each day or not being late to work tomorrow morning.

Whatever you decide to do, make the tasks small. They’ll gradually build back the faith in yourself that you may have lost in recent years.

2. Learn From the Successes of Others

Think about the people in your life and what they do every day. What are their personal successes? What do they accomplish? Take some time to study how they accomplished what they needed to do and see if it’s applicable in your own life.

One reason your self-efficacy may have decreased could be that you haven’t thought of new ways to things. Watching others succeed will be an important source of inspiration you can take with you into the future.

3. Shape Your Goals

Are all your goals meant to be done tomorrow, or are some of them bigger? Sometimes your life plans are more of a statement about what you want to do, without having any actual shape or plan of action.

It’s important to shape your goals in order to get your self-efficacy back. You can look into furthering your education if you’re considering a new career. Learning from the pros may open your mind to new possibilities and opportunities you might not have thought about before.

How you shape your goals will depend on what they are and where your skills lie. Taking online classes or certification courses could be the step you need to take to get back your sense of self-efficacy.

Another route you can consider taking is that of an internship. This presents a risk-free way to develop skills without making a permanent commitment. You’ll meet new people that will help you shape your future.

4. Create a Positive Physical Space

What is your mood like when you get into your daily routine? Whether you head to an office, sit down at your kitchen table or grab books from your locker before class, the space you spend the most time in could be affecting your self-esteem.

You should have a positive space to go to every day where you feel relaxed, prepared and confident. Surround yourself with what makes you happy, such as posters and pictures. You may also want to think about getting indoor plants, which have been proven to make people feel better.

5. Clear Out Negative Thoughts

Let’s say you’ve taken steps to reshape your goals and make a happy space for you to be in. That will all be for nothing if you don’t reign in negative thoughts.

Studies have shown that happiness is directly related to self-esteem. Try the following to catch negative thoughts and send them on their way:

  • Never compare yourself to other people
  • Acknowledge your accomplishments, no matter how small
  • Think one positive thought for every negative one
  • Give yourself grace when things get tough

No one will ever be perfect, so negative thinking is only going to make you feel worse about yourself and your skills. Banning these thoughts will take time and practice, but given enough time, you’ll be able to look back and see your way of thinking change completely.

6. Look for Role Models

Role models are key to rebuilding your self-efficacy. They are the kind of people who will show you what’s possible.

Look for admirable traits in potential role models. These could be their goals in life, what they do every day, the principles they live by or even their leadership skills.

Is there anyone you actively try to be more like? Analyze why that is and emulate their actions or beliefs.

New and Improved

You’ve already taken the first major step in improving your self-efficacy. It takes strength to realize that your belief in yourself could be stronger, because it means you recognize you’re worth it.

No matter what you decide to do, give yourself credit for trying to improve your sense of self. It’s a difficult journey to begin, but well worth it.