As a productivity buff, I am always looking into common issues or problems people encounter, and then trying to figure out ways to solve those problems – or in the very least, direct you to other places or persons who can solve those problems.

Today almost everything you need to know is one click away or one search away. Whenever I want to buy something online or carry out any transaction, I always find myself going online to search and in most cases, I find very helpful articles that show great options on how to carry out the transaction — due diligence. The internet is a daily utility for millions of other people and me.

The internet has made life a lot easier, so, in the spirit of adding more knowledge to the ever-growing fountain of knowledge that is the internet, I am always on the hunt for useful websites that can help increase productivity and give you the resources you need to improve your life both online and offline.

Looking for finance tracker, lifestyle ideas, vacation destination ideas or gadget feedbacks and tips, here are 6 Amazing websites in various niches that could be of great help. I hope you find them useful.

1.    Mint (Finance)

Finance management is a very crucial part of everyday life, so essential is it to me that the calculator on my phone is in my favorite sections of apps I use the most. You might not have taken note but when you are  an integral part of decision making in your house, or you are in charge of the finances, you spend more than 5 hours of the day making calculations, in your head, on your phone, taking mental notes of what needs to be done and setting up priority list.

Or maybe my life is just more intense than others. However, as a home runner and business owner, I find myself in charge of financial decision making a lot, and this site has come in quite handy to help me. You could say that this is one of the most popular online personal finance management service websites, and it is FREE to use too.  Mint is a powerful tool that helps you create budgets, priorities, manage expenses, and monitor savings. You can also sync it to your bank accounts and plan your finances without stress and confusion.

2.    Trip Advisor (Travel, Vacation)

It’s summertime!

Get it?

Ok, my MC Hammer reference might have been a fail but this website is definitely not. When all the wanderlust people all over the world write their travel memoir, you can be very sure that trip advisor would definitely get several honorable mentions. Trip Advisor is a wonderful idea for a site, and I haven’t forgiven myself for not coming up with the idea first.

From destination ideas to hotel reviews and lodgings, flight bookings, and even tourist attractions and plans, everything is covered.  It’s amazing! You can just plan out your whole summer, vacation, or even a destination wedding by going on trip advisor. You should check it out now, start planning your next adventure, and thank me later.

3.    Sellaholics (Shopping, eCommerce)

So, Sellaholics is an eCommerce site with a difference. Its like trip advisor, gadget reviews and amazon all rolled into one! Stuff you would have difficulty finding on any other eCommerce site, you will most likely find them on sellaholics. It’s just so cool, from fishing gear to backpacking gear to Kosher Shavers, wrinkles cream, golfing kit, and even Gymnastics mat, it’s all there.

I stumbled on sellaholics while on the hunt for Bluetooth speakers and found sections were different types of the same products are compared and ranked according to customer reviews so you get to read up on consumer reviews of the products which can help you know what majority of the shoppers think about a product before you make a purchase.

4.    Gadget Review (Tech)

I have not used any gadget in the past three years that I did not first check out on gadget review. This is my go-to source for honest reviews, pros, cons, and insights into new gadgets or tech devices that I want to buy. It is beneficial to compare and take notes of that device you have been saving to buy.

You really shouldn’t go and purchase every device you feel like on the marketplace without first doing due diligence. You should research and be knowledgeable about the good (pros) and the bad (cons) of that gadget. Gadget review does an excellent job of supplying insightful facts and information about devices available in the marketplace.

5.    The New York Times Cooking (cuisine, food)

I am an unapologetic foodie! I love cooking, and I love eating too, and I also love to try out new recipes. Hence, my phone is always propped up somewhere in the kitchen while I try out recipes.

There are lots and lots of culinary websites with an uncountable number of recipes to try out, but this right here is a find! A sweet and savory find! The New York Times cooking section features some of the best-est recipes you will ever find online, put together by some of the finest and most famous chefs in the culinary world.

6.    Have I Been Pwned? (Online Security)

Above all else, online security is very important, just as much as offline security. Careless and shabby online habits have resulted in hacking, identity theft, fraud, and financial ruin of unsuspecting internet users by unscrupulous peoples.

It is for this reason that it is always advisable to protect your information online. Take safety measures by avoiding suspicious sites asking you to enter your social media sign-in information or financial details. Also, if you suspect that your information has been compromised, you may go to this website and verify if you have been hacked, so you can quickly seek professional help in addressing it and prevent loss and future occurrence.

These are lots more very useful and important websites that would make life easier still in various aspects. Do you know of one or have one you regularly use for some purposes that should have been on this list or that could also benefit me? Please share below in the comment section.