For good reasons, the phrase “Life as we know it…, is the new cliché. The world is experiencing a crisis, not totally unlike other times in history. COVID-19 and the lockdown policies in most countries have meant people are unable to work outside their homes, except they’re front-line health professionals.

Working from home while your bed, kitchen, fridge, and kids conspire to tempt you at every turn is the new way to live. Yet, man adapts to survive and probably thrive. People are seeking new options to continue their education in the face of movement restrictions. It explains the spike in online learning.

Productivity is a crucial matter in learning and work. It’s about utilizing your time and resources effectively.

One way to sustain peak performance (especially while this crisis lasts) is to listen to podcasts. Podcasts are easy to consume once you have a few minutes to spare. You can also enjoy them while doing another activity, so you’re essentially learning with minimal effort. .

However, not every productivity podcast is worth your time. Let’s take a look at the six best productivity podcasts for those who’re aiming for success in a healthy way.

The 5 AM Miracle Podcast

Host: Jeff Sanders

Few catchphrases can kickstart your day better than Jeff Sanders’ “Dominate your day before breakfast!” His The 5 AM Miracle Podcast aims to help you start with peak performance by waking up early and with great enthusiasm.

Why should you listen to this podcast? Well, in the Self-Help and Business categories on iTunes, it’s usual to find it ranked number one. Twiftnews inform that the podcast is the kind of inspiration you need in a mentally tasking business.

Like other listeners, you can build effective, long-lasting, positive habits by consistently working towards achieving your dreams and goals. You’ll discover how to optimize your workflow through small daily habits that increase over time. You’ll also learn life-changing tips relevant to building healthy habits, rising early, developing yourself, and maximizing productivity.

Expect guests regularly on the show. But Sanders knows his stuff too and often steers the ship by himself. Jeff includes a list of action steps with each episode. The Fascinating Power of Anchor Habits is an episode you’ll thoroughly enjoy.

Beyond the To-Do List

Host: Erik Fisher

Corporate culture is paranoid about to-do lists, and to be fair, using one is better than doing nothing. But the art of choosing the right goals, projects, and tasks goes beyond the to-do list. In Beyond the To-Do List, host and productivity expert, Erik Fisher, explores every facet of productivity.

Erik doesn’t just journey through the rabbit hole of getting things done. He wants you to get the right work done, get good work done, and be relevant in life. The latter is the ultimate goal of productivity.

Listeners of this podcast will get inspiration when they hear the success and failure stories of others and follow the concrete instructions available.

But Erik doesn’t walk alone. He often features other productivity geeks in inspiring and insightful episodes. So, when he’s done interviewing an author concerning themes in their books, you discover you’ve already heard much of the book’s contents.

To get a glimpse into how helpful Fisher’s podcast is, try this episode: Procrastinate on Purpose. It explores the emotional side of productivity (or its absence) and a strategy for dealing with it.

The Writer Files: Writing, Productivity, Creativity, and Neuroscience

Host: Kelton Reid

The essence of Kelton Reid’s work is to study the habits of a vast pool of famous writers, their habits, and their brains. He aims to understand their secrets for cutting through the noise and becoming more productive and creative.

New episodes are available every week. As a writer or aspiring writer, you can learn how the great writers throughout history have sustained their streams of thought, scribbling in ink or typing away effortlessly.

The archives hold exciting episodes featuring notable names such as Andy Weir (The Martian), Emma Donoghue (Oscar Nominee for Room), Kevin Kelly (WIRED magazine founder), and Maria Konnikova (The Confidence Game).

Serial guest hosts on The Writer Files are Michael Grybko, a neuroscientist, Adam Skolnick, a journalist, and Robert Bruce, a writer of short stories.

The Productive Woman Podcast

Host: Sarah McClellan

The changing dynamics of the world also demand that we produce podcasts for women. Women now have more exposure to education and employment opportunities, with lifestyle choices becoming even more critical.

While women are becoming more in the society, there’s also the need to balance work life and the home. Things get more interesting with kids to raise and the need to allow time for rebooting and resetting. This episode on Gratitude and Productivity is sure to hook you.

Laura McClellan’s goal is to offer women the tools and encouragement to excel at home and in their chosen vocation. While it makes women’s lives better, men can benefit immensely from the podcast.

The Productivityist Podcast

Host: Mike Vardy

Mike is one productivity expert you should follow. The Productivityist Podcast focuses on time management, an area many people struggle with. Being the creator of time crafting, he wastes no time offering actionable tips and tricks that improve your time management skills and help you maximize productivity.

You’ll also learn how to develop and maintain good habits and achieve all you aspire for.

The all-star guest list includes Laura Vanderkam, David Allen, and Benjamin Hardy. Others are authors, entrepreneurs, professionals, and CEOs who enjoy this show with a rapidly-growing listener base.

Mike Vardy’s goal remains to help you “define your day, funnel your focus, and make every moment matter.” A good episode to get your feet wet is The Problem with Productivity with Adam Quiney.

The Tim Ferriss Show

Host: Tim Ferriss

A self-styled self-experimenter, Time Ferriss is best known for his bestselling book, The 4-Hour Workweek and morning routine. The book is a top pick for those who want to make the most of their every moment. Tim continues to explore themes from this book and his other publications in great detail on the podcast.

In each episode, the host breaks down gravity-defying acts from world-class performers in diverse disciplines such as chess, pro sports, and investing. His unchanging goal is to discover tools, tactics, and tricks that listeners can use.

If you’ve never read Tim’s books, why not listen toWhat I’d Add to the 4-hour Work Week for 2015 (And Much More)? It’s a compilation of three 20-minute episodes in which Tim provides answers to the 20 questions his listeners ask the most. He goes further to discuss his battle-tested strategies on avoiding decision fatigue.


Productivity podcasts are an excellent resource for improving personal and business success. Podcasts will only get more popular. If you’re a writer or run an essay writing service, for example, you’ll find many that are not part of my recommendations, but which you’ll thoroughly enjoy.