This past year has been challenging for us all, but philanthropic organizations have taken a hit too. Churches, charities, and other non-profit organizations essential to local, regional, and international communities have suffered from the COVID-19 crisis in far-reaching ways. And those benefiting children, specifically, suffer as daily life has virtually come to a halt. 

 If you can donate funds, maximize your donation by checking with your employer to see if they offer gift matching. Also, see if your credit card points can be donated to charity. Or you can set up small, recurring donations to causes important to you. Even if you’re cash-strapped, many organizations thrive on volunteer hours, so rolling up your sleeves and getting to work is also a great way to give back. 

 Here are 6 children’s charities that could use some help in 2021. 

No Kid Hungry

 This non-profit provides meals at no cost to schools across America and advocates for policy change on local, state, and national levels to ensure no child goes hungry.

Our Military Kids

 Imagine being a child and having a parent — or parents — serving overseas or returning home wounded. This non-profit works explicitly with school-aged children whose parents are deployed reserve and National Guard, plus grants to children of wounded vets from every branch. 

Children International

 A global charity that focuses on ending poverty through health, education, and social programs provide safe places for children to develop. By shielding kids from outside stressors, they can overcome the poverty cycle that could hold them back for generations. 

Reach Out & Read

 Literacy matters. And this non-profit organization works with pediatric practices to help children from birth to three benefits from research in brain development and make reading important for the families they reach. 

My Stuff Bags

 Children often leave abusive situations with no possessions. This foundation provides children with a duffel bag containing books, toys, clothing, blankets, and stuffed animals to help them adjust to their new surroundings.


 Critical illness robs many children of the joys most kids can enjoy. This foundation works to ensure every child experiencing critical condition gets their wish of a lifetime granted.