Boost Creativity

In most organizations, leaders need to think creatively and make decisions. But encouraging and promoting the creativity of the entire team is likely to lead to a better selection of creative ideas and solutions to work and problems. This is because the diverse workforce has a wide variety of perspectives and knowledge, which are not found in an individual.

One day Wayne Gretzky, who was one of the most innovative and creative NHL players, warned his young players to “miss 100% of the shots you won’t take” and I think for creative thinking as well. It is really important to help the workforce show their creativity. Here are some ways that an employer or leader can help their team boost their creativity:

Support and reward creativity

Today it is really important for a creative team to be able to think outside the box. But sometimes team members pull back; Because they are afraid of taking risks and they may be afraid of the consequences of their mistakes. Risk taking should be encouraged and should become a role model in the organization. To develop a creative culture, management needs to be more open-minded and less critical of employee suggestions.

Management also needs to understand that employees rewarded for their creativity will encourage them to think and participate more. Rewards can be monetary such as bonuses or non-monetary such as organization-wide recognition.

Encourage conversation and discussion

Management can do two things to improve the creative thinking of its employees. First, it can both constitute separate teams and allow them to come up with creative solutions to a problem within a given time. This allows for interaction between team members which can help them understand better and think better.

Second, they could allow them an open discussion or brainstorming session. When people have such intense discussions, they try to think more and find good solutions.

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Diversity among employees

If an organization has employees with the same mindset, competence, background etc., it will create a cohesive workforce. Symmetry has advantages with a large number of and like-minded talents, but at the same time, it leaves less room for creative ideas.

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Having a diverse workforce is really important! The thought process and views of people from different backgrounds and regions will vary. It would be great to join them in formal or informal contexts.

Positive work environment

Sometimes, a very serious work culture can take a toll on creativity and mentality. A stressful work environment will only prompt an employee by the end of the day. Employees experience freshness and elation by having fun at work. Studies have shown that a positive mood enhances creativity! A positive mood allows us to think flexibly. This makes us open-minded and we are ready to explore more options. Knowing these discoveries now, incorporating fun into work through team building activities or retreating every now and then can be an important part of injecting creativity into the workplace.

It is not the job of employers or senior management to do work that enhances an employee’s creativity. It is also important for an employee to remember some simple hacks to encourage their creativity. Here are some that can help you:

Rethink the problem

According to research, creative people rethink problems before beginning creative work. Einstein once said, “If I had 60 minutes to solve a problem, I would take 5 minutes to define it and 5 minutes to solve it.” Before thinking about the end goal, one must constantly think about the problem, its origin and the process by which it can be solved.

Doodle at your desk

It has been proven to take short breaks between tasks and to start doodling on a sheet of paper. Whatever comes to mind at that time should start writing or dragging. Expressing your imagination on paper sometimes helps to come up with creative ideas for great ideas or problems

As there are a lot of ways to boost creativity at workplace today, I would like to know about your understanding of the topic?