To me life is all about relations between people.

No, it isn’t so much about the “practical networking” side, or creating a network of fans and promoters on social media. Particularly in our increasingly tech-laden world, such basic, absolutely uninhibited, literally face-to – face “human” interactions mean the very most in life.

The bonds we create over joy and happiness, as well as those exchanged over tears and through times of adversity as groups come together to resolve sadness, are something so unique and extraordinary.

Whether you’re more of an “introvert” like me, though, and not a Type-A, extroverted individual, those interpersonal interactions sound a little harder to get across. I would rather hear the chat; ask any questions than rattle out responses. To enter a social situation that I am unfamiliar with, or particularly (gasp!) a social scene where I don’t know anyone else whatsoever, it takes some serious confidence for me.

Regardless of the nature of your social skills, introverted disposition, or even whether in those cases you are struggling with social anxiety, I have gathered some of the simplest and most powerful tips for introverts — offered by introverts itself! — From around the internet and Twittersphere, check it out this weekend at the next networking gathering or at the nearest watering hole!

Do it

Clearly, what will we do without iconic catch-phrase in Nike’s wisdom? Only push yourself to come out of comfort bubble. You may also use social media platforms like twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook to promote face-to – face interactions in such a way as to provide new users with an initial degree of intimacy and ease.

Were you aware that recent science and clinical research show that we are best able to deal with stress and distress as you perceive challenging, stressful circumstances as “challenges” and “adventures”?

Get imaginative and force yourself to stretch your limits. See each meeting and each new social environment as a special challenge, chance, and adventure to encounter fresh and exciting people — who know who you’re going to meet, what you’re going to discover, and what good the nice smile might bring to a stranger’s life.


Apart from using social networks to familiarize yourself with individuals who will experience future networking and social events, you might also visit the event itself and get acquainted with the “lay of the ground.” I don’t know about you, but I get all kinds of fluster when I get lost going to a new location or trying to find parking for my vehicle.

Often watch an amusing film or television show ahead of time.

You’re relaxed, laughing, fun-loving state will bring you on to the case, allowing you to exude appealing, optimistic energy, and attracting new people to speak to yourself.

Set Goals

Emphasis on setting goals. Having to meet one new person every day — or even only one person in every social environment — helps develop confidence, generate energy, and establish a feeling of constant development within you.

Get Support Through Your Friends…

This is a great piece of advice. Who are your mutual partners, the departing ones? You should “rock their coat-tails” and sign activities that you would not otherwise feel relaxed attending along with them, and start meeting new people with their normal extroverted nature.

Don’t feel threatened by your colleague if he or she tried to woo the room, and you feel as if you’ve fallen by the wayside, or you’re hiding in the shadows. Keep calm, and smile. You may also invite your buddy to please meet others-they would gladly compel.

I make use of the technique myself!

Embrace the Nerve

Are you nervous? Great, you’re still here.

As every sort of talent, socializing requires practice. I’ve grown faster and improve with it over time, and considering your fears, extending your limits step-by – step will help you grow yourself to be fairly decent at snappy dialogue or your usual back-and-forth interaction when you make new friends.

It’s About Them, Not You

I sincerely love the idea. Under any awkward situation, the best approach of the introvert is clearly to keep your mind away from posing questions, engaging in the language that the other person speaks, and listening closely to their experiences.

Take care of yourself by talking with others with them and not you and you won’t feel like you’re buckling under the burden of “putting on a performance.”

This approach would also help you feel more relaxed opening up expressing yourself and getting acquainted with the group of individuals you’re spending some time with.

Just remove the introvert humiliation and note that every individual will be in the same boat as an individual pursuing the same rare and special human relations.


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