We are bombarded by content and advice every single day.

At times it may feel chaotic because we are overwhelmed by various insight and opinions. 

It’s important to ground yourself in the chaos by finding the silver lining of truths, values, and principles that are timeless and create success now and in the future

These truths, values, and principles in the past because they are timeless in nature – they worked then, they work now, and they will continue to work in the future, timeless. 

Modern-day artists, magnates, and dignitaries all leverage and utilize timeless truths, values, and principles to live a successful life. 

As the founder of Leave Normal Behind, the modern-day renaissance movement, I’ve had the fortunate ability to meet and connect with incredible individuals from all around the world who resonate with the LNB mission to make a positive influence on humanity by inspiring others to become the best version of themselves, give back, love, create things that matter, and encourage others to do the same. 

In this article I will share 6 Life Principles that never fail shared by Dennis “Donato” Agalli who is leaving ‘normal’ behind.

Dennis “Donato” Agalli is a serial entrepreneur who has successfully built a multi-million dollar business portfolio.

Currently, Agalli is the owner of the multi-million dollar pizza business Rocky’s Pizza Group, Rocky’s Pizza Vinoteca Inc.[1] ​In addition, he is the owner of the ER Bar and Lounge, Old Country Coffee Corp, EZ Furniture Solutions Corp and Private Real Estate & Real Estate Management. Agalli is a seasoned businessman who treats his employees with the utmost respect and connection.

Dennis has used these 6 timeless life principles below to create success and legacy in his life and business. 

Dennis wisely believes, You can make it anywhere in the world if you execute, never give up, and are solution-oriented.”

You can use these timeless life principles to your benefit. 

Here are 6 Timeless Life Principles That Never Fail


1. Great Team

Finding the right team is very important and it’s the number 1 thing to look for. 

You cannot do anything worthwhile all by yourself.

Anyone who says they’ve done it all on their own with no one’s help is a liar.

Look for someone who is hungry enough. Their must values need to align with your values.

The team must hold each other accountable.

You need to know if your employees are here for a paycheck or here for a greater cause.

Find someone that sees the potential and does not care about making money right now. 

Look for partners , not employees. Align incentives. Have everyone committed to the big vision so everyone has skin in the game.

2. Honesty & Integrity

Honesty, integrity, drive

Ask your employees and partners these questions: “What are you trying to achieve, What scares you, What happens if you fail, What drives you, What are your intentions?”

Honesty and integrity when doing business is most important !

Never be comfortable doing dirty business. Always do the right thing. 

Doing right in business brings a strong good energy always. Doing right translated as doing good for your workers. Do something good for workers and business.

When you do good and make money it equal pure satisfaction. Real fulfillment. Service, impact, and profit 

3. Treat Everyone With Respect and Give Back To Your Employees

Never shut someone down. Keep an open-mind. Always be open to feedback. Don’t be a know it all.

Fine line between ownership and open to feedback. Sometimes your workers might not know what you are doing and why you are making the decisions that you are making.

Manage your ego and be open to others feedback and questions.

It is a great thing that they care enough.

Respect. Treat everyone with respect. From the lowest to highest worker.

Mistakes are okay. Be solution oriented. Don’t be excuse oriented. Forget how it happened in the moment.

Donato never feels good firing people. If any boss feels good firing, they are not a good boss.

4. Motivated Work Culture

Don’t be a narcissist and Have patience with your people. 

Do not make people feel like they’re wrong. 

Your reputation is so important. Having a good reputation will get you very far.

Do good for people and have business ethics. It will come back to you 10x fold and create a motivated work culture. 

Everyone must buy-in to the vision

There needs to be good energy in the business. Energy that makes people excited to wake up and work.

5. Loyalty 

Work together. Everyone is important. Everyone has a role. Trust is essential. When things get difficult, you need to have each other’s backs.

6. Hard-work. Action oriented. Solution Oriented.

Take action. Execute. Learn. Modify. Execute. Repeat.

Be decisive in your decisions. 

Control your environment, do not be controlled by it.

Adapt to every scenario and do not shift away from business principles.

If you implement these 6 timeless life principles then you will have more success in life and business. 

We cannot do great things alone, we need a team, and our team must be honest and have integrity.

 As a leader, this means you must be honest and have integrity. Your team will be a direct reflection of you.

Treat everyone with respect and hold each other accountable in order to create a motivated work culture.

This culture is what will motivate your team to work hard and remain loyal to you and your business because they will feel ownership as if it is their business as well.

Leave Normal Behind ! 

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