Asia is rich in history, culture, and spirituality. Massages were and are integral part of the culture and evolved to suit the modern-day generation or travelers. Depending on the next plan of trip, dedicating time for good massage makes the most of the relaxation that one seeks from the trip. If one is a connoisseur of luxury and self-pampering, it is possible to celebrate in different forms of massage therapies. The following are various ways through which one can pamper and relax for their next Asian sojourn.

Thai Massage

Thai massage is popular and uses unique techniques of acupressure, aromatherapy, and reflexology. The massage therapies are so popular that Phuket is often called as the country’s spa or massage capital. The masseurs believe that the techniques help in getting rid of stress from within the body. They use hands, elbows, and feet to provide relaxation to the nerves. The Nuat Phaen Boran technique is popular and helps one undergo internal tissue massage and stretching at the same time. They become more unique when one chooses to top up with wraps and scrub sessions.

Nuru Massage

Originated in Kawasaki, Japan, Nuru is an erotic massage. The technique requires at least two masseurs to rub the client’s body after everyone gets nude. They use colorless and odorless lotion made from Nori seaweed. Masseurs apply the gel to the entire body of the client and self, and try to get maximum body coverage during the practice. Tactile sensations developed during the period help relieve stress from the body. Nuru massages often end with a good feel. Nuru massage is legal in rural areas of the USA along with other good things.

Balinese Massage

Those who are planning a trip to Indonesia, immersing in Balinese massage is a must. The technique involves the use of reflexology, acupressure, and firm massage movements. Most of the centers offering the massage are in lush green areas and help in heightening the satiation that one derives after completion of a massage session. Mud and aromatic oil massages are also a rage across different age groups. The other popular massages are the four-hand and herbal massages.

Ayurvedic Massage

Some places in India are famous destinations for massage therapies in Asia. Also called as God’s own country, the state is a hub for Ayurvedic treatments. There is no surprise that the place also has several massage centers. The therapy session combines aromatherapy, yoga, and oils. The best part of the program is the use of all-natural or all-organic products. The masseurs take the utmost care of their customers and offer the perfect result that one would expect.

Japanese Massage

Japan is also famous from massage therapy apart from technological prowess. Beppu and Tokyo are best picks for any traveler to the country. As there are numerous spa and massage centers across the city’s, performing an online research will be helpful in coming across licensed massage centers. They even combine it with jet-lag treatments. Nonetheless, one would stand on their feet after the completion of a therapy session.

Turkish Massage

Turkey, belonging to both Europe and Asia, is an adobe to relaxing massage therapies. Istanbul, the cosmopolitan city, is the best hub for the traditional Steam-Turkish massage. The best bet for travelers is the 250-year old Cagaloglu Hamam, which helps everyone to rejuvenate and relax. Coughing up enough money will help anyone to hire a masseur to scrub and pamper using oil. Depending on the requirement, one can pick from traditional oils to the clay massage therapy.