Traveling can be a fun experience for many folks. But as fun as it can be, there are numerous risks of traveling. Whether you are traveling in the country or overseas, you might have this lack peace of mind because you can be rest-assured your belongings safety. Getting the right anti-theft backpacks is probably one of the most pivotal things that you’d like to focus right now.

  1. Evofine Anti-Theft Backpack – USB Charging Travel Friendly

The Evofine Anti-theft backpack has been quite popular in the market because all kinds of travelers around the world can really reap the benefits it offers.

First things first, it has such a nice design so that you can travel with confidence thanks to this backpack. Then it comes with the concealed zipper. Unlike the ordinary travel backpack, the zipper is tucked away so that strangers won’t know for sure the location of the zipper. It is a perfect thief deterrent. In other words, it can be the biggest turn off for people with bad intention.

Aside from the safety zipper feature, it comes with the USB charging that lets the users to plug in their mobile device. No power worries when you are traveling out there.

the Oxford fabric is another winning point of the Evofine Anti-theft backpack for travel. it withstands the water penetration and extreme weather. If you are traveling in rainy seasons, you don’t need to worry.

Despite the large capacity of the backpack (up to 35 liters), it is surprisingly lightweight. It also comes with interior zipper compartments which allow you to store your belongings neatly. Organizing your stuff can be a lot easier this way.

  • Inateck Anti-Theft Travel Backpack

Inateck is an anti-theft travel backpack which has 40L capacity with the large dimension for up to 17” laptop. It is a good competitor for Verifone Backpack for good reason. It is large enough to provide the space for your stuff when you are travelling out there. It is made of water resistant materials so that you won’t need to worry to wear it when it is raining outside.

As expected from the anti-theft backpack, it comes with the lockable zippers and compression straps. But the strong one is the compression straps since it can automatically ban the thieves from getting any near your backpack. It has several hidden pockets which you can leverage to hide your stash from your parents or other concerned people. These compartments are also useful to keep your sensitive stuff like credit card, ID, etc. It also comes with free rain cover. The only downside is its heaviness. 

  • DYSU Anti-theft backpack

When you look at the design, you’d think that it is a prevalent choice for the college and business folks. Well, it is true that the unisex anti-theft backpack from DYSU has such market segment. It is basically a business laptop backpack. But you can also use it to travel across the cities since it provides a lot of space for your belongings.

It is an excellent choice for active people, no matter your profession. The compartments inside the bag not only allow you to store your laptop and tablet, but keep things separate so that you can access them without turning the inside of the bag upside down. It comes with water-resistant material. The external USB port allows you to use your mobile device in advanced ways.

  • ONSON Anti-Theft Laptop Backpack

The ONSON Anti-theft laptop backpack is a perfect way to travel if you don’t want to have a bulky experience. It is great for both men and women who are active. The dimension of the backpack can fit 15.6 laptop and notebook.

The water resistant polyester of the bag makes sure that your belongings are safe from the water penetration. Besides for commuting, you can also use this for your outdoor activities.

The handy external pockets can help you to store the items that you can access easily without compromising the security. That could be your bike license, ID, credit card, cash, or other else. The zipper and pullers are protected with the combination lock. That means only you can open the backpack.

  • LOADED Anti-Theft Backpack

This anti-theft backpack is a very versatile choice for you. Whether you are usual commuter or outdoor lover, you cannot go wrong with this model. it comes with a USB Charging Port, water resistant, ample space for 16.6 inch laptop and notebook, as well as useful compartments.

It does not have lock in the pullers or zipper. But the concealed location of zipper makes the thieves harder to open your backpack without you noticing them. Moreover, it comes with the steel hooks and buckles which overcome the zippers so that it is a perfect prevention of robbery.

There are also other pockets which you can use to organize your items easily. This backpack won’t let you down at all.

  • TRAVELON Anti-Theft Classic Backpack

The Travelon Anti-Theft offers marvelous protection for your travel activity. The high-end brand has been popular amongst the traveler communities because of its sophisticated RFID safe slip pockets.  The slip pockets have the tough material which prevent hackers from stealing your credit card information when you put it in that pocket.

How if the thieves are hardcore? You won’t need to worry since it also comes with slash-resistant mesh and shoulder straps. They would think twice when looking at your backpack. The compartments inside it are also wonderful for your great organization. It also comes with the stylish design. But unfortunately, it won’t fit any laptop.


The anti-theft backpack is very crucial aspect for your fun and safe travel. it has good space to store your important belongings and accessories. It also has features which make it as your best travel buddy. From the list above, I root for Evofine Anti-Theft backpack with USB charging travel friendly. It has fantastic features with such an affordable price. If you are able to attain high-quality anti-theft backpack with more affordable price, why not proceeding? You won’t regret it.


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