Get a listing in Google My Business.

This is put your website on the Google Map and the prospective customers who search for products and services in your area will be able to find you. More importantly, your happy customers will be able to place a review and to tell others how good you are.

Create accounts in Pinterest, Instagram and Flikr.

Make some nice photos of your business, show your prospective customers what do you do and how do you do it. Those social media accounts are very important. People who browse them will be able learn more about your business and if you engage them, they will respond. I would simply say “Make fun, be spontaneous and creative.”

Create A Business Diary

If you like writing, start doing it on daily or weekly basis. Someone would call it “Blog”, but unlike “Blog” “Business Diary” clearly suggests what you are supposed to do. If your website has a business diary, it will tell a lot of stories part of your professional life. 15 – 30 minutes writing a day will save your thousands of dollars on advertising.

Publish New Releases

Publish new about any business developments, new products and services and anything else that worths to be told. Getting your business into the news is very important. Use,,,,,,, and other similar websites that publish and distribute press releases.

Get Into the Popular discussion Boards

Find the popular web forums related to your industry, create accounts there, read their rules and start socializing and participating to the discussions. most forums allow their members to place a “no follow” hyperlink in their signatures. The signatures themselves passively promote your website and your company. Mentions also help a lot to make your brand or website popular.

The 5 promotional methods listed above will not cost you any money. You just need to spend between 1 and 4 hours per month doing them. The positive is that over the course of working on them you will learn a lot and will improve you marketing skills. The sixth one I’m suggesting you to cosigner will cost you a low monthly fee.

Use Managed Website Service

Get a Managed Web Hosting Service. It will allow you to outsource the technical and system administration of your website yo your hosting provider. There are many companies that do Managed Websites. The best option is to find any local provider and to tell them what do you need. Alternatively you can search for Managed Website providers online. Companies like for example charge $30 on average for Managed Website services.

Finally, try to engage with your customers as much as you can. Be supportive and helpful to them. If you do that on a regular basis, most of them will not just stay as customers long as they need your services, but they will spread the word how good you are in your business. People like bragging about their achievements. Having a good supplier, service provider or business partner is always something to brag about.