Employee productivity is one of the most important assets behind the success of any business. Whether you’re a business owner or an entrepreneur, productivity is the key to your success.

According to the bureau of labour statistics,

Americans are more likely to spend 8+ hours in the workplace which is quite more than 7.5 hours we spend on sleeping.

So, the fact is that we spend more time with our co-workers than we actually spend with our family. Since we’re spending more time with them, it is quite likely that they can affect our mood and working pattern on a daily basis.

As per the latest findings by Forbes,

  • Employees who feel that their voice is heard by the company are 4 times more likely to feel empowered to perform their best.
  • Almost 90% of the top companies HR’s agrees that peer feedbacks are key for the successful business outcome.
  • Highly engaged team results with 20-25% greater profitability.

As per the above statistics, it is quite clear that a motivated employee creates a positive impact in the workplace while the demotivated employee proves to be highly destructive and demoralizing for the company.

So, what a leader is supposed to do when they come across such an unproductive employee? How they can boost employee productivity at the workplace to enhance business growth and sales by 120%?

The key to the answer is: “change their attitude immediately!”

In this blog, we’re sharing some tried and tested strategies that not only help you to motivate your employee but also enhance their productivity at maximum.

1) Creating a pleasant, family-like atmosphere.

Here, we’re not talking about treating your employees the way you’d treat your mother or sister. Think more in line with your nephew or cousin.

We all have extended family members that we cannot stand for long but that doesn’t mean that we have bad interests in our minds for them. We do talk bad about our family members but will never stand against someone bad mouthing them. And the same should apply to your employees too.

Being a business owner/entrepreneur, make sure that your employees know that regardless of what you think of them, they always have your back to them and are willing to fight in their favour in case of misfortune happens.

If you urge to have irresistible team, make them feel safe and secured first.

2) Equip your team with right tools and equipment

Your team skills and experience play a major role in your business performance but the tools they choose to work with are highly significant. Choosing the right tools and software not only streamlines your task and operations but will also ease your work.

We can achieve this in the below ways:

  • Implementing Time and Productivity Applications

There is a limited number of working hours in a day and your team needs to get over infinite tasks and assignments. This is where time tracking and productivity applications come to the rescue. Such applications make it easy to track your team’s productivity hours correspondence with the task completion that helps businesses to improve workplace efficiency. Today, there are many software development companies that hold the expertise to tailor such office-suite or CRM software catered to your business needs. Some of the leading and most popular applications to boost productivity are Zoho, Jira, Basecamp, Hubstaff, etc.

  • Collaboration & Communication Tools

Collaboration and communication apps not only simplify but also promotes teamwork especially when they’re remote. Practicing any of the applications such as Trello, Google Drive, Slack, Twist, Skype not only streamlines your task but makes your projects organized and easy to track.

3) Small incentives will go a long way

You will be really surprised to know how powerful a small $50 gift card can do wonders at your workplace. It has nothing to do with its monetary value but it definitely promotes a particular goal that every employee would try to achieve, no matter how hard they need to sweat to get it done.

4) Don’t forget to celebrate small victories

When an employee learns that every positive contribution towards their team is acknowledged, he/she understands that every move towards the team counts, and what they do really makes a difference.

So, even if there’s a small victory, do not forget to celebrate and make them feel special. It will eventually lead you one step closer to your goal.

5) Increase employee satisfaction by offering great perks

Leading tech giants like Facebook and Google understand the importance of job satisfaction. And, if they think rewarding employees is as important as to achieve your business goal, you should pay attention too.

Such companies on account of their employee’s loyalty and performance give them fascinating offerings such as complementary salon passes, massage rooms, nap pods, weekend holiday vouchers and so on.

As per the recent Glassdoor survey, 4 out of 5 employees would prefer perks to a pay rise.

All you need to do is just acknowledge the employees’ efforts and go the extra mile by offering them some fancy perks.

6) No one employee is more valuable than another

There is nothing worse than people not being treated as equal in the workplace.

If you’re the boss and you have your own favourites, you run the risk of having a split workforce.

You were placed in-charge in the company for a reason. So, make sure to consider all employees equal and use them properly so as to streamline and ease your task in the long run.

Wrapping Up – Boost Your Company’s Employee Productivity Today!

Creating a positive environment to achieve your business goal is not rocket science. All you need to do is put yourself in your employee’s shoes and ask yourself how can you make your workplace better and productive. Put in some efforts and you will start seeing employee’s productivity on rise.

Have you already tried any of the above strategies? Do let us know in the comments section below.