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Do you ever see other people speaking on stages, publishing books, being featured in the media, building followings, and booking podcasts left and right and secretly wish that were you? If so, I don’t blame you, because those can be really useful tools to elevate your message, make an impact, and grow your business. 

Often, this leads to the next thoughts of: 

  • How do I go about doing that? 
  • Which method(s) do I pursue?
  • Where do I start? 
  • How do I break through?

All of the answers to these go back to your goals and strategy. Which align? And for which are you best positioned, based on your skills, presentation preferences, connections, and so on? 

Here are six important questions to ask yourself if you wish to become an authority in your space:

  1. What are my goals and intention(s) for this? Why?
  2. Which methods help me to achieve those?
  3. How does this fit into my broader goals?
  4. What works best for my strengths? 
  5. Do I process better in writing? Conversation? Video? Audio? Over time? On the spot?
  6. What can I commit to doing consistently? 

Are you beginning to see a bit more clearly why you’re doing this, how it fits into your broader strategy, and which skills you’d like to deploy?

If so, the best next step is to get a detailed and clear understanding of all of the modalities by which you can build your authority (such as TV, print media, event hosting, podcasts, radio, writing, publishing, and more). 

Admittedly, there’s a slippery slope between seeking out these credibility markers to the point of their becoming vanity metrics. These take your focus away from the most essential part of your business, which is to sell the thing you offer that solves a real problem for your audience. 

The other side of the slippery slope is where the magic lies: strategically focusing and incorporating one to three thought leadership methods that do the “selling” for you and become attractors of your ideal customer base. 

Where will you begin? If you’re looking for deeper support, check out this resource.