6 book development questions

Looking for a starting point for your book?

I can do you one better – well actually, six better! Two sets of three book development questions. One set to help develop the creative vision for your book. The other set to flesh our your marketing vision.

Why 3’s? I think I read someone once that Aristotle referred to the number three as the “universal number of balance.” Whether fact or fake news, I like to use the number three as the starting point for structuring and organizing books and all my other creative projects.

Let’s get started developing YOUR book!

Creative questions:

1.What are the 3 most unique things about your book?

Why are you the only one who could tell this story? What special life experience or perspective do you bring? Is there an aspect of your book topic that you haven’t seen widely covered in other books? Is your topic a timely one?

2. What are the 3 biggest takeaways from your book?

Meaning, what are 3 big messages, lessons, big ideas, or changes you wish to see in your reader?

3. What are 3 creative directions you could take your book in?

Potential ways you could structure, or styles of storytelling. For example – your life story as a biography, a memoir, or a fiction novel? Your societal message as nonfiction or perhaps sci-fi? A traditional business book or a collection of short stories to convey your points?

Marketing/Brand questions:

1.Who are 3 different people who might want to read your book?

Be as diverse as possible, not just 3 variations of the same person! The idea is to broaden your thinking about the potential appeal of your book, especially to unexpected populations of readers.

2. What are 3 ways this book might fit with your author brand?

For example – it’s a message you already share with your clients or similar, telling your life story will strengthen your existing bond with your audience, or this book is a deep dive on one single message within your brand.

3. What are 3 ways other than book sales, that you can make money off your book?

Perhaps a specific product or program you have in mind, speaking, coaching/consulting, etc.

I hope that fires up your book development creative juices and gives your 2020 book project the turbocharge it needs!