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Why learning to still your mind will give your better work, business and life experiences every day not just when you take a holiday.

I have written before about why just unplugging on vacation is a bad idea so today I thought it would be helpful to explain why that is.

For those of you who are curious and wonder how on earth you can unwind during your usually busy hectic life well read on for a few minutes.

For those of you who can begin to master unwinding and unplugging as part of your daily life then you will…

1. Get the Most from Your Vacation

Just think of the stress that we go through booking a holiday, overspending when you are there, dealing with travel, delayed flights, the boss sending you emails as they simply forgot you are actually on vacation. The recognition that the project you had to get done at the very last minute may not have been as good as it should and for weeks before you barely slept getting all of the work off your desk.

Then it takes the first week of just sleeping to begin to unwind.

Does that sound familiar, yes that could be extreme though I am sure you get the picture.

So now imagine that you could arrive relaxed, and enjoy your first few days. You could be far more present with your lover, friends or family, actually listen to them.

You could switch off that busy mind of yours and know how to tap into your creativity so you make some plans, create some ideas for when you get home rather than manically figuring out what could have gone wrong.

You are not exhausted so you can take a few more adventurous challenges, read more, exercise more, maybe ever drink less. Waking with a clear and energised mind.

Why waste those precious days sleeping when you could be living?

2. Not need another vacation as soon as you get home

You arrived relaxed, travelling home is going to be easy, your body is refreshed, your experiences are far more enjoyable, less draining. You did not need a daily trip to the spa to calm you down, you could actually enjoy them.

When you get home, you have less stress, are energised and ready to take on the next challenge.

3. Not take your work with you

You learned how to manage your time better, learned how to say NO to people and projects that no longer serve you. If you feel like a few hours work it is enjoyable not irritating, you get to choose what you do and when.

No guilt or judgement.

4. Manage stress better in everyday life

Creating the awareness around your own patterns, behaviour, managing expectations of yours and others means that you recognise your stress triggers, can act on them, get back to a state of coherence and equilibrium faster, use less energy, spend more time grateful, happy, fulfilled and enthusiastic.

Sound good?

5. Enjoy being alone with your thoughts and yourself at any time

Here is the most important one, the one that many people run away from. You see having a busy mind is not the cool thing you think it is, it actually prevents you from tapping into your intuition and creativity. Spending all your time in your logic mind means you are shutting out 50% of your human operating system, it is just not smart.

When you have learned to still that busy mind, to use it when you need to, for strategy, problem solving, analysis then let be it be still you get to enjoy nature, the Universe and the truly beautiful place of having no thoughts just pure consciousness, the place of infinite wisdom and abundance.

6. Have a Business, Career and Work that fulfils you every day.

Sound easy.

Well it may take some hard work to get there though ask yourself if you really need to crave that vacation as your business, career or work is so stressful on a daily basis then why are you continuing?

All of the reasons you come up with for why you are staying where you are just add to a story that does not serve you, it is an active choice of yours.

If you truly need to maintain a job for your financial and emotional wellbeing, to provide a basic level of care for your family and yourself then ask yourself how do I make this situation any better, what goal or mission can I set and achieve which will enable me to change those dynamics?