We talk a lot about sleep around here, but that isn’t the only thing that happens between the sheets. There’s that little thing called sex too! Not only is it enjoyable and a beautiful way to bond with your partner, sex also is a boon when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep.

Here’s why you should add sex to your pre-sleep ritual:

1. Sex is the perfect evening workout

When it comes to dozing off, high-intensity workouts in the evening actually make it harder to sleep. But if you’re looking for something a little more exciting than a walk around the block, maybe try an evening romp instead. On average, sex burns 69-100 calories, while also improving circulation in the body, giving your organs a nice supply of fresh blood before you snooze.

2. Sex makes you feel safe

Having sex releases the feel-good emotion oxytocin (or the ‘cuddle’ hormone), making you feel connected with your partner. The act of snuggling up with your partner may enhance your sense of safety, making it easier to drift off to sleep.

3. Sex relieves stress

Meditation or herbal tea are surefire ways to alleviate stress… but have you thought of sex? If you’ve had an intense day at work, a jaunt between the sheets may make it easier to doze off. This is because having sex lowers the stress-related hormone cortisol, which can mess with your ability to sleep easy at night.

4. Sex helps you relax

Reaching climax in sex releases melatonin (the ‘sleep’ hormone), which your body naturally produces before bedtime to prepare itself for sleep. And if you’re a bloke, reaching the ‘big O’ also releases prolactin, a hormone strongly linked with fatigue.

5. Sex improves the quality of your sleep

Well, for women at least! A woman’s estrogen levels spike after sex, and this hormone can enhance the ‘Rapid Eye Movement’ or ‘REM’ stage of the sleep cycle. This REM cycle is important, as it’s the restorative element of our sleep. Deeply enriched REM stages are linked to high creativity, concentration and focus the following day.

6. You’ll probably sleep naked, which helps you stay asleep

Chances are that with all those hormones buzzing around in your body, you’ll probably be too tired to reach for your sleep t-shirt. And sleeping naked is actually a good thing! It prevents us from overheating throughout the night, which aids uninterrupted sleep. It’s also important to keep your body cool throughout the night as it regulates hormones.

Sweet dreams!