Each person can have such a mood when it’s hard to get to work (especially on Friday!), And even more often employees who like to talk, social networks and games interfere even more. And work at this time stands still. How to shake yourself up and start doing important things? Such a lazy state can be with you not only at work, but also at home. Because of laziness, you continue to sit at the monitor, instead of cleaning the apartment, and instead of preparing a healthy dinner for your family, you cook them dumplings. Here are 6 tips to help you spend your day productively.

1. Cleaning first Have you noticed that on your desk in the morning there was still a perfect order, but throughout the day, a bunch of documents, unnecessary papers, pens, cups of coffee appear on it. If you feel that you don’t feel like working, you need to first put it on the table. You may not even be aware of this, but unnecessary things distract you from the process of work, and cleaning often clarifies your thoughts. At home, too, if you do not want to do anything, then you need to start cleaning. For example, wash the dishes, take out the trash, make the bed. Very often, when the process has already begun, it is very difficult to stop until you do everything to the end.

2. You need to start with small things Often we are told that we need to start, on the contrary, with the most difficult things, so that they do not hang, but as soon as it comes to difficult situations, we immediately experience a decline in productivity. In the morning, do a few minor things. For example: put away on the table or write a plan for the day. When you see that you have already done something for today, your mood will immediately improve, and you will be able to move on to more complex matters. But just do not get carried away, 2-3 cases will be quite enough, otherwise you’ll go in for nonsense all day.

3. Select one task Well, you have warmed up a bit, now the main thing is to continue in the same spirit. In order for social networks and various sites not to distract you, just turn them off. You need to make sure that nothing distracts you from your work. Choose for yourself one thing that needs to be done right now, write it on a leaf and stick it in a prominent place, and start to do it. After you finish, write the next task and do not be distracted by anything. Hostel Rostov House 400 r. Comfortable hostel in the center of Rostov-on-Don, all amenities, Wi-Fi, kitchen, laundry, TV. Native ad Relap

4. Change location Often your workplace bears longing and unproductive. Nearby are colleagues who love to talk and do not let you work productively. You need to try to change the place, for example, go to another room, or take a walk on the street, and at the same time consider your plan for further work. If you are at home, then an ordinary walk will help you or you can go to the store for shopping, and upon returning home you will already have a ready action plan. It’s like jobs for czech people in germany, they are change location for working, this factor gives them a good productivity level. But it doesn’t matter whether it is Germany or Finland, any change of scenery gives an increase to work.

5. Set a timer You set yourself the task, now take and set the timer for only 15 minutes and during this time completely immerse yourself in your task. Immediately promise yourself that for a quarter of an hour you will not be distracted by anything, and after that you can relax. You will be pleasantly surprised that in just 15 minutes you can do a lot, even if you need 3 hours or even 3 days for the whole task. When you understand this, inspiration will appear, and work will go even faster.

6. The glass is half full Maybe in a day you will do little work, but try not to despair. Look at what you have done and give yourself the word that you will do more tomorrow, or better yet, make a plan for tomorrow, in which you indicate all the cases, and promise yourself to complete them.