Unless you have a big budget, upgrading your style can be quite a challenge. As you go through various stages of life, your style will change and evolve. However, this doesn’t mean that you’ll clear out your closet and buy a ton of new clothes. There are other ways to make major improvements in your style.

Avoid Buying a Clothing Item for Just One Occasion

Sometimes you have a special occasion ahead of you and you want to look good and after searching through your closet, you decide that you don’t have anything good enough so you go shopping. However, in most cases, people who buy a clothing item for a special occasion like a wedding or a fancy party rarely wear it after that. If you want to stop spending a lot of money on clothes that you’ll hardly ever wear, then you should have a more versatile wardrobe. Get different clothing items that you really like and will be able to mix and match. By being able to create numerous combinations, you’ll never feel as if you’re rocking the same look. Doing this will not only improve your style, but it will also help you stop wasting money on


Accessories are a powerful thing in the world of fashion. Just one can completely change your look. Even if you’ve worn a certain suit countless times, just adding an elegant new tie will make you look fresh. Aside from ties, you can also use hats, scarves, jewelry, and watches to improve your style. Of course, you should get something that matches most of your wardrobe. For example, if you rock a sports look, it’s best you get a sports watch. On the other hand, if you’re often in professional attire, an elegant and simple watch would be the perfect choice for you. You can even go in person to try on the watches you are interested in then buy a watch online at a discount. Know that no matter what your fashion preferences are, you can surely find a watch to match your style.

Learn Where to Buy Used Clothing

Buying used clothing is an excellent way to upgrade your style because you can get a lot of clothes for a small amount of money. This is especially great if you’re shopping on a budget. If you’ve never went to a thrift store, then you should visit one immediately. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by how much good stuff you can find there. Of course, before you actually go one, it’s recommended that you learn how to shop at a thrift store. Apart from thrift shops, you can also find used clothing online on websites like eBay.

Discover New Brands

Many people find it hard to upgrade their styles because they’re attached only to certain brands and get nearly all of their stuff at specific shops. However, discovering new brands is the best way to improve your look. Although it’s easier to just buy clothes from the places you usually shop at, discovering something new can be very exciting. Who knows, you may change your look completely after you find some brands that you like.

Clean Out Your Closet

Learning how to clean out your closet and determining what you should ditch or keep is extremely important if you want to upgrade your style. When you have too many unwanted clothing items in your closet, you’ll likely end up wearing the same few items over and over. On the other hand, if you clean out your closet, you will notice exactly what you don’t have and what you should get the next time you go shopping.

Find a Good Tailor

In case you want to have clothes that’ll really fit you, it’s best to find a good tailor. Know that there’s a good chance most clothing simply won’t fit you when you’re buying it off the rack. However, a tailor will make sure that your clothes fit you perfectly.


  • Bonnie is a Certified Life Coach. She received a Master's Degree in Psychology from the University of Chicago. She works to identify imbalances and deficiencies and create individualized therapies to improve overall health and wellness.