Researchers say that happy people are more successful. But is success the only determinant of happiness? The definition is different for everyone; it is so theoretical that it can’t be measured. But why go in so much depth when we can simply be happy? For me, peace is happiness. I have found these six excellent ways to keep myself happy every day. 

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1. Have a routine

Keeping a routine always sounds so dull, but you can make it enjoyable. I make a different routine every day, adding up various, exciting activities, such as gardening, shopping, reading a good book, or hanging out with my friends. I make sure to get 7 to 8 hours of sleep to carry out everyday chores and activities actively. Having a routine keeps my mind fresh therefore, I manage stress well. Routine keeps my anxiety at bay. 

2. Find your comfort food

Cheese makes me happy. Be it cheese omelet, cheese kebab, cheese roll, or cheese popcorn. Food is proved by science that it triggers your neurotransmitters to release dopamine which is the chemical responsible for cheering you up. I’m not a fan of science, but this research is in my favor! 

3. Surround yourself with good people

I value the vibes around me; the energy that each person radiates plays a significant role in affecting my mental health. Genuine people who want good for me always support me to expand my horizons. The motivation and happiness to try new and exciting things with them are unraveling! When my loved ones are happy, it automatically elevates my mood. The positive energy to look forward to another day is exciting—all the reasons to keep me happy. 

4. Self-care

I acknowledge my emotions and don’t let anyone dictate what I should feel. I realized that it is rational if I’m feeling a certain way. I get to decide what I feel and no one else. Self-care comes in various forms; keeping my mind and body healthy is the mantra and the ultimate path to happiness. Meditation for at least 15 to 20 minutes a day keeps my mind in its frame, whereas morning or evening walk helps refresh my mind and keeps my bones and muscles in their best shape. We all know we are what we eat; hence taking fruits and vegetables on a daily basis helps with the circulation of every component in the body. Junk, too, makes me happy, but I make sure to take just the right amount!

5. A cozy room helps

A cozy room always makes a person feel content and comfortable. Surroundings play a significant role in making your inner self cheerful or gloomy; therefore I have decorated my room in a way that I get a sense of safety which gives me peace. 

6. Be grateful

Every life on earth goes through a crisis, but nature has given us more than it has taken from us if we see it. This realization has helped me cope up with almost anything. Being thankful for the little things brings in positivity and gratitude, which keeps me happy.