Moving to a New Country

According to a study by the UN, at least 3% of the world population live outside the countries of their birth. This is to say that over 232 million people live in a country different from where they were born. The world is witnessing a huge number in migration since 2000. For example, the recorded migration in 1990 is 154 million but grew to 175 million in 2000. That figure has more than doubled in recent years.

The figure above showed that if you are thinking about moving to a new country, you are not the only one. Every year, every month, every week, people move to a new country. The top countries people are moving to include the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Australia, and Spain. People move for various reasons. However, a study indicated that the top reasons why people move include reasons like better quality of life, career progression, economic pressure, family ties, lifestyle change, politics, and wanderlust.

Moving to a new country has advantages and disadvantages. When you decide to move, it is important that you understand these advantages and disadvantages.

1. Lifestyle Changes

People have different lifestyles that they cannot enjoy until they move to a different country. Take, for instance, certain countries are against certain sexual orientations. Moving to a new country can give you an opportunity to enjoy your lifestyle choices without fear of prosecution.

2. Escape Bad Situation At Home

In recent years, a lot of people are moving to a new country to escape a bad situation at home. This bad situation could be due to politics or personal situation. Either way, moving to a new country will allow you to start afresh on a clean slate.

3. Access To Better Facilities and Opportunities

Depending on the country you move to, you can finally have access to better facilities as well as opportunities that you are searching for. These opportunities could be a new job, adventure, unique belief system, politics, or even love.

Top Disadvantages of Moving Abroad

1. Discrimination and Non-Acceptance

When people move to a new country, they often feel very lonely because people may discriminate against them or show them attitude that makes them feel like they are not wanted.

2. Uncertainty

When you decide to move from your country to a new country to escape a bad situation at home, you may not be aware of other bad situations in the country you are moving to. There are stories of people who are forced to move back home just a few weeks after moving to a new country.

3. Lots of Paperwork To Do

There are always tons of paperwork to do when you plan to move to a new country. In some cases, this means spending a lot of money and time.  The paperwork process can be confusing, tedious, and exhausting.

Final Words

Moving safely overseas is possible if you plan well. You need to research your new country to know exactly what you are going to face and ensure the situation in your new country is better than the one you are running away from.



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