Hey, what’s up. Are you wake up? If not, then please. You won’t believe me. I’m so healthy. And, today, I am gonna share 6 secret that I repeat in daily morning. First of all, what we all do commonly in the morning? We wake up, get bath, and take breakfast. And, after that go for usual office. But, I’ve maintained my schedule differently. And, I’ve the same plan for the future. You won’t believe me that these 6 things have really helped me getting fresh throughout the day. And, I aren’t taking in air. All the methods, except one, are scientifically proven to keep you energetic a whole day. The one thing that falls under exception is of my interest. You will know it very soon. So, let’s jump in.

When it’s 6:30 AM in India, I wake up. I will talk about my Indian lifestyle, because I’m living in the India. So, after waking up from the bed, first I make my mouth clean. And, change the dress to gym’s one. And, go for the morning walk. A long 25 minutes of morning walk ends up to the Gym building. Here, why I’ve chosen the walking in the morning? I could ride my bike to get there. But, According to the Jane Chertoff of healthline.com, there are over 10 benefits if you start your day with morning walk. The benefits includes Energy boost, Improved mood, May help you to lose weight, Manage health conditions, Strengthen muscles, Improve metal clarity, Better sleep at night, Beat the heat, and many more.

So, I’ve reached to Gym. In the Gym, I workout not for muscle building, but for making my body fit. See, my work is to sit on the office-chair and do work all the way by siting only. So, I get no chance to manage my body. As a result, it stop grabbing the abilities to bring its strength. But, there are many more benefits also. And, because of that only, I’m going to Gym regularly. According to the MS Arlene Semeco of healthline.com, there are many nutritional-benefits of daily exercise. It includes Feel happier, Weight loss, Good for muscle and bones, Increment in energy level, Reduction in the risk of chronic disease, Helps in skin health, Brain and memory health, and many more.

After workout, I takes sunbath. Sun bath is really very important for your body. It makes you feel good, at least, make your mind good. In addition to that, as I, you, and all know that sun rays are the great and free source of Vitamin-D. A vitamin that’s mainly responsible for bone’s strength. So, you I daily take it. However, in the rainy days, I always miss it because of either rain or cloudy atmosphere. In addition to that, in the Winter also sometimes. But, overall, I can say that I’s benefited from the direct sunbath. And, it’s also medically proved. Taking the sunbathing has over 10 health benefits.

After sunbath, I gets ready for the breakfast. However, As being the Gujarati, I always like to drink the Banana Shake and eat Jalebi Fafda with Red Chili Chutney. So, my wife prepares the Banana Shake using the Inalsa’s hand blender. Inalsa is known for making the hand blender that never touches the food quality. It is one of the best hand blender that retains the nutrition in the shake, even after processing the fruits. And, As I said, I also likes to eat the Jalebi Fafda. Well, the Jalebi Fafda is the item, a very popular in the Gujarat. I personally like the Fafda Chutney, prepared from Preethi’s mixie. It is of the best mixer grinder I use to prepare chutneys to make my mood funny.

After breakfast, I meet each member of my family. Also wake up those who’re still sleeping. You know that, the morning communication is also very healthy not just to body but also to your relationship. We all know that the communication is the way we use to increase the relationship. It is really helpful for everyone to communicate with friends, families, and many more in the morning.