Starting a new business is an endeavor full of hopes and fears, and a little stress is part of it. But when it crosses the line, action must be taken to avoid basic mistakes. That’s the main part of this article. In this article Vasid Qureshi, famous blogger & entrepreneur is going to share his personal experience on how to avoid stress and increase productivity at work.

There are numerous techniques, practices and tools that can help to relieve stress in everyday life. The most important thing is that you know yourself to test and understand what can be more effective, bringing more tranquility to your routine and giving you new strength to face the challenges that lie ahead.

6 Tips To Avoid Stress

There is a solution for everything and it is possible to insert some practices in your routine to avoid reaching this limit, such as:

01. Be kind to yourself

Your business is formed by yourself. As much as it seems obvious, it is important to remember that you need to take care and reserve time to do what you really like (apart from your job). Watching a series or having lunch with friends can have therapeutic effects such as positive experiences that will bring personal satisfaction and decrease these symptoms.

02. Set possible goals

We are the kings and queens of overpricing our time. We put 20 different and super complex tasks to solve on the same day and we obviously couldn’t do it. This dissatisfaction and frustration generates anxiety that becomes more and more if this practice is not changed. Define a most important task of the day and focus on doing it. This will bring you a sense of accomplishment and optimize your time for other tasks that will appear in your day.

03. Stay active

Even if you are not maddened by endorphins (like me who have run away from the gym my whole life), understand exercise as an important practice for your physical, emotional and psychological well-being. Look for a class or sport that really pleases you and do it regularly. Still not convinced? How about calling that friend that you can’t always see because of the routine to do this task with you? Two rabbits at once! 😉

04. Get more sleep

I understand that sleeping little is not on anyone’s life wish list, but it is usually what happens in many cases of overload: we exchange our sacred hours of sleep for one more email, one more TED, one more idea and one more project. Limiting our working hours is extremely necessary and having our 7-8 hours of sleep as well.

05. Learn to delegate

This task for me is one of the most difficult. The point is not to trust the people I work with or not, but it is a job profile and a terrible craze that came from the corporate to accumulate functions and not ask for help. If you are also that person, remember that working in a collective is always richer and more powerful and that you will not be able to be a super expert in all areas of your business. Delegate more, get more assertive results and let go of everything on your back.

06. Reward yourself

Celebrating small victories is part of the process and we often forget entirely. Focusing only on the big goal without celebrating the minors can bring a feeling of a task never accomplished, which is frustrating and not encouraging. Motivate yourself, your partners and your team with small victories so that the big goal becomes closer and closer!

Here you read about some techniques widely used by entrepreneurs when it comes to reducing anxiety, avoiding stress and dealing more calmly with the various setbacks that are part of an entrepreneur’s routine. As we mentioned earlier, however, what matters is that you get to know yourself and find out what will or will not work for your lifestyle.