In these times of global uncertainty and concern, it is common for many people to feel stressed and anxious about not knowing when we will be able to return to work or when we will be able to carry out our usual activities. Social distancing is essential at this time, but you have to know how to cope with it. 

In this article, we want to recommend 6 tips that can help you deal with anxiety and stress in this time of coronavirus. Remember every day when you wake up that this is a temporary situation that will not last forever. We are alone, but together in this quarantine. 

1. Limit your daily news consumption

You probably already want to see in the news when the quarantine will be lifted, but limit your consumption of social networks and the time you will spend watching the news. Although we need to be informed, watching the news every moment only stresses you and will give you more caution. Choose to spend about 30 minutes on news or social media related to the pandemic. 

2. Get on with your routine

We all had a routine before this pandemic and this alters the hours of sleep, overeating and even when not having activities everything changes. Try to keep a routine. Choose to get up at the time you would go to work and take your food at the times that you usually did. It will help you to sleep better and maintain a healthy diet. 

3. Don’t forget about yourself

It is important that you do not forget about yourself. Motivate yourself by dressing as if you were going out, dress up and stay away from your pajamas. Even experiment with makeup, beauty routines, hairstyles, exercise routines, or composing at home. Enjoy activities that you like the most without guilt, relax and pamper yourself. A healthy diet includes the correct amount of protein from many different foods, therefore, it is necessary to know how to choose healthy proteins from different food sources. If you want to start the day with energy and having something really delicious, a great protein shake help you gain muscle.

4. Relax with mindfulness exercises

YouTube apps and videos can help you do breathing exercises and even do a little meditation. These exercises will help you control anxiety levels and reduce stress. In the morning, find a phrase that motivates you during the day and repeat several times. Remember that the pandemic is a temporary situation. 

5. Take advantage of outdoor spaces

If you have an outdoor space make the most of it. Go out to read, write, paint, choose to eat out or listen to music. Being in an outdoor space can give you a moment to stop thinking about the news.

6. Connect with family and friends

In these moments of social distancing nothing better than to talk by video call with loved ones. Talk about your worries, fears, dreams, and even what you want to do after this pandemic ends. Trust the people who can support you in this situation. The important thing is to talk and ask for help if you need it.