Get paid for simply sharing photos of places you’ve visited in the course of your travel. You may be thinking right now that this is some kind of a joke, but the truth is that a lot of people are doing that for a living. Instagram serves like the perfect opportunity for travelers to make some cool money from their adventures. So how do Instagrammers make this happen?

In this article we want to introduce you one fast developing Instagrammer that achieved 22 000 followers for every short time. It is Paul V, check his profile on Instagramm – @paulsholiday. He has visited 70 countries and is planning to visit the entire planet. Here are his advises about how to make money and travel around the world.

1. Grow engagements

Before to make money off Instagram, you will need to have a large number of followers who are always interested in their content and are never tired of keeping up with your content. While a handful of Instagrammers have their followership number skyrocket overnight, the bulk of these Instagrammers grow their engagements with their fans through dedication and hard work.

According to Paul the first thing you need to do is specialize on a niche in the travel industry.

Next is to post stuff on a regular basis, it could be once or more a day, at same intervals. That way followers will not only get used to seeing your content daily, but they can also guess when to expect any content from you.

Finally, great Instagrammers do pay attention on images with high quality. To explore his passive income machinery go to @paulsholiday

2. Explore sponsored campaigns

Instagrammers also make money from their accounts by creating sponsored campaigns for companies that are into travel. Many travel-based agencies such as travel insurance providers, tourism boards, airliner, and rental car companies do organize campaigns that are only effective with Instagram influencers.

3. Create posts that are sponsored

If you are not so comfortable with campaigns, you can go with this method; they mostly need only one Instagram post to get started. It could be a simple statement that reviews a particular product or service on a photograph. For instance, the Instagrammer may have to write a review on a watch or something, and get paid for the review.

4. Be brand ambassadors

Instagrammers that are into long-term partnership with brands that fall within their niche are called Brand ambassadors. Paul V gives an example with a sport star which will be the best choice of a brand ambassador for a company that is into the manufacture of sporting goods.

If it has to with clothing, the influencer gets a new piece of the clothing for every season. The Instagrammer’s duty would be to promote the clothing piece by tagging the brand and modeling it for some time. Brand ambassadorships are long term contracts, making it a reliable source of income for Instagrammers.

5. Influencers are glad to teach others

Many of the travel Instagrammers who are successful are making a trade out of their knowledge. They are glad to teach others on how they can make money through travelling so they can use that knowledge to earn themselves a living.

They are equally good at using their Instagram Knowledge to assist businesses in growing their followership, leading to maximum outreach, and ultimately more sales in the process. Instagram stars use their profiles to sell their expertise and experience regarding what they are capable of.