Sexual activity and overall sexual health are important, yet it is something that alludes a number of people. Some people have a hard time admitting how unsatisfied they are with their sexual lives, but that may be part of the problem. The following are six tips that may help you improve your sexual health.

1. Separate Sexual Conversations

Communication is pretty important when it comes to improving your sex life, and one thing you have to keep in mind is that there are two types of sexual communication. The first one everyone knows, and it allows you to tell your partner what you like during the act. The second kind of sexual conversation is a little deeper; it is here where you should talk about sexual dissatisfaction or problems with your orgasms.

2. Honesty and Compassion

It is important that you work up the courage to be honest about anything and everything you are experiencing with your partner. In addition, you need to make sure you encourage the same kind of honesty from your partner. Now, be sure to be considerate when you are being honest because honesty without compassion can be brutal, and that isn’t what you want right now. 

3. Educate Yourself When Possible

Sometimes, all you need to improve your sexual health is a little education. The problem is some people have a hard time admitting they need to learn something new regarding sex or have trouble asking for help. Do not be afraid to read a good sex blog to learn more about this activity, and do not be afraid to read up on how to improve sex, which could be done through things like varying sexual positions to adult toys.

4. Work on Your Stress Levels

Stress can really take a toll on you and your sex life. It seriously messes with your mood and your libido, making a healthy sex life nearly impossible. Sure, the idea of going to retreats, taking up yoga, or going for a massage to improve your sex life sounds strange, but it could actually help. The cortisol levels in your body need to be reduced to help improve hormonal balance and blood flow, which is pretty important during sex.

5. Overall Health Makes a Difference

Your health could make a difference in your sex life in a lot of ways. For example, a person who is slightly overweight might not have the stamina to perform well. A person who eats too many fatty foods may not have the healthiest blood flow, which hurts sexual performance. Smoking, drinking excessively, and other habits that harm your health should be eliminated. 

6. Have Some Fun

Part of what makes sex so arousing is that it allows you to be adventurous. The problem is some people get stuck in their old ways and stop being adventurous. Those who want to improve their sexual health and experience need to embrace all sorts of sexual experiences to see what works for you and your partner. Trying different positions is one way you can do this, but there are others like having intercourse in the woods or in some other place you aren’t supposed to be in.

Remember, the key here is to make sure you include your partner in your sexual reawakening so that you both can grow together, which can make it easier to please each other. It should be pointed out that these are just some of the tips worth considering, but those who need more help may want to talk to a sex therapist. These individuals are more than qualified to help you and your partner reach sexual success if you give them a chance.


  • Bonnie is a Certified Life Coach. She received a Master's Degree in Psychology from the University of Chicago. She works to identify imbalances and deficiencies and create individualized therapies to improve overall health and wellness.